The Australia Preteen Team Is Here

AustraliaEveryone has arrived at Boot Camp safely. We had Chloe. Josh, Abraham, Caleb, Gracie, Ellysia, Kaley, Sam and Spicer all by noon. They learned how to go through the food line and how to wash their dishes in the dish line. All of the kids except one had arrived for dinner and they got to enjoy a delicious dinner of grilled chicken, french fries, and chocolate cake. Maddy made it just in time to join us for evening rally where they learned how big animals were before the flood from Paul Veit (aka Dinosaur man). We sang the Canadian national anthem in order to celebrate Canada Day. They had a long day so everyone slept well. This morning we woke up early and had Orientation Class. They got to run the Obstacle Course and did very well. They are becoming a great team. 
Lucas thinks Boot Camp is fun. He says it is way more tiring than he expected.
Lorelai says Boot Camp isn’t that bad. She says you get used to it quickly.

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