The Philippines Report That Was Lost In Cyberspace!

Philippines 7:2Our time in the Philippines is flying by. We have had so much excited and fun adventures that we just realized that we were already in week two. Our second work day we started building the forms and finished painting the building as we waited for the rest of the concrete supplies came in. 

Saturday came around very quickly and we were finally able to start mixing concrete. The team quickly found out how grueling concrete mixing can be. However, they pressed on and worked with endurance. We are concreting a 30-meter section of the road that leads up to the base so smaller cars can get to the base without hitting rocks on their undercarriage.

After finishing the concrete and cleaning up in the morning, we were invited to go with the BMW (Bible, Missionary, and Work Training) students to their local ministries. We split up in two groups and we able to perform dramas and songs to a large number of kids. Afterwards, we were able to play kid’s games and we were also invited to join their basketball game. I have to admit, many we intimidated by our 6 foot 14 year old boy, but we had fun.

Sunday we were able to go to the Tan’s (the Philippine’s base coordinators) local church. The kids were surprised to see how modernized the church service was and how upbeat their worship was. We were able to give a presentation and introduce ourselves to the entire church. Afterwards, I was given the opportunity to preach the sermon for the day. It was both a blessing and a privilege. We ended the day by going to the “American” mall. We had some yummy Jollibee’s (Filipino McDonalds) as well as go shopping. Our team really enjoys quizing for our 40 verses that we are learning for the summer. 

We thank all the friends and family for the support, prayer, and trust that you’ve placed with us. They are learning about a good work ethic, 40 verses that they can use the rest of their lives, and most importantly, how important it is that Jesus is the ONLY person that can get us through hard times.

“The Filipino people are so beautiful and I love to see how they are filled with the joy of the Lord. You can’t help smiling while around them. Experiencing the culture difference has been awesome and I really like how God’s power is bigger than any language or culture barrier.”
-Marina Evers 

“So far it has been an amazing experience and meeting new people and getting to see the hearts of the people. The verses were hard to memorize at first, but I’ve caught up and I’m doing well.”
– Courtney Case

“So far it’s been an adventure. I really enjoyed ministering to the kids during our time with the Filipino BMWs. It has been hard, but leaning on the Lord has gotten me through it. I don’t generally enjoy killing spiders or fighting cockroaches when I wake up.”
– Aleyna Lewis

“The church service we went to was mesmerizing and inspiring. It was good to see how strong their faith is and I really enjoyed their praise and worship.”
-Collin Safly

“The Filipino people are nice here. The base is beautiful and the food is good.”
– Derrick Leeman

“Um, I can’t think of anything… But it’s really pretty here.”
– Braden Anderson

Philippines 7:2#2


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  1. Marina, I am so happy you are seeing God at work in these beautiful children. They see God’s joy in you as well. Where two of you agree, God is there to get his work done. Matthew 18:19

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