The Philippines Team Is Finished With Concrete

Philippines 7:2Greetings to all those who are following the Philippines updates! We first want to thank you for your prayers as we can see the work of Christ moving throughout our team. 

Since last Monday our team has been hard at work. Unless it was raining, we have been working hard mixing concrete. Our goal was to pour a 30-meter slab on the road leading to the base. We were originally thinking that this project would last until next week when we would switch to our evangelism project. However, as of this morning, we poured our last square and signed out names. We have found other work projects such as digging trenches, leveling the road, and other such tasks. They continue to work hard, but we have been trying to rotate our outside work group with a group that paints indoors. It has been extremely hot and many of us are very tan/red. When our Honduran boy says that he never tans, but he got a dark tan, that goes to show how sun is in the Philippines.
We have also been practicing our dramas, puppets, and music in preparation for the time we will have with the children’s ministry that we will work with. We are able to buy school supplies and we will spend the next organizing that so that we may give it out to the children. 
We look forward to a trip to the beach on Saturday and enjoy time with the staff and Bible students. We will eat lunch there and enjoy swimming, singing, and playing games. We will then probably spend some time in town shopping and enjoying the food. 


  1. Yay!! Thank you for the report! It is so good to hear what has been going on! (That Honduran boy would be my son!)

  2. So great to hear from you all! Thank you 🙂

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