A Phone Call From St. Lucia

12 StLuciaWe received a phone call from the team leader today as they are having trouble getting email access. Here is her report:

We  have dug 250 feet of footing that is 2 1/2 feet by 3 feet deep.  We broke up 60 feet of concrete slab as well. We should be done with digging by this afternoon.

The weather has been warm with rain on and off.

We have done one presentation in a school this week. We went to the beach on Sunday.

Monday we have a sight-seeing trip planned to The Pitons, two volcanic mountains on the island.

Outstanding Experience:  A few men have been coming to heckle the team. The pastor call the police and the men have not returned in the last few days.  

Many of the team members have sore backs from the amount of digging, but they are not complaining. They are doing really well—working hard!

The leader will send pictures on Tuesday with next report after their sightseeing days.


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