The Peru Team Is Working Hard

Peru 7:3 #1The Peru team is doing great! On the project site we are making a lot of progress. The challenge we have found on the worksite is the mahogany wood is so strong and is much different then what we use in America. Hammering the wooden without bending the nail has been a real trick.
The weather has been consistently warm and a cool breeze comes once in awhile, especially when it is a little overcast.
The team was finally able to go shopping for a little bit for the first time at the market down the street. It is always exciting when we are able to get them away for a little bit every few days. They are enjoying playing soccer with the nationals out on our street in the evenings.
Written by Liz Roaseau: Wow, it’s hard to believe we have been here in Pucallpa, Peru for only nine days, but God has taught me so much. For instance, how sometimes on our work project, which is right now, the floor of the pastor’s house/Sunday school, some miscommunication arose. God simply showed me that if you are frustrated along with the rest of everyone, you only make it worse. But if you have a cheerful attitude and a calm spirit you can change the whole attitude of everyone working around you. I believe that some of the men from the church here already knew this. They worked long and hard with a smile on their face. This is one of my favorite things about this trip. Just the generosity and willingness that they have here is amazing.
Written by Claire: We’ve only been here for a few days but it feels longer. Most of us have bonded but like with any family there can be a bit of conflict. The locals have been very kind and hospitable. We’ve had the opportunity to interact with the kids and teens. Last night we got to play volleyball with them. Peru is a beautiful land and so far it’s people.

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