Greetings From The Ireland Preteen Team!

Ireland TripThe Ireland Preteen Team is moving through Boot Camp. The Obstacle Course is a joy to some and a challenge to many, but they are learning to work together. They have enjoyed learning the puppet songs and the choreography that goes with each song. Yesterday our afternoon activity was the Carousel, a motorized rope swing over one of our lakes. It was a fun time in the water and also a time to bathe and get clean (remember—it’s bucket bathing in our swimsuits, not the showers we use at home). We are getting ready for the Sunday service, a Galilean service at lakeside, and this afternoon we will be participating in Teen Missions version of the Olympics. 

And now a word from our team members:

Sigga Sharp: Boot Camp so far has been good even though I have fallen in the Slough. Music is very fun. The OC is hard but it rocks! 

Matt Winstead: So far at Boot Camp we’ve done a lot of stuff including the OC, Run From the Devil [a bungee run], Noah’s Ark, classes and best of all, eating food! The OC and the Devil Run and Noah’s Ark is really fun and the food is delicious.

Simon Oliver: On the OC the first day it was really hard and I fell in the Slough, but the second day I didn’t fall in and I got to go over the Wall. We did Noah’s Ark and you had to find two of each wooden animal and place them in the ark.

Emilie Canzler: Since I have come to Boot Camp, so many doubts that in a way held me captive have been eliminated through faith in the Lord. The Obstacle Course has been a huge challenge and even though I am not the quickest or best at it, yet I find myself trying my hardest when I place trust in the Almighty. I’ve had a wonderful and at the same time slightly difficult time.

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