Happy July 4 From The Vanuatu Team!

Vanuatu 7:5 #3Happy 4th of July from the LORDS Boot Camp!
This morning started us off with fireworks at Rapture Practice which was a real treat and surprise for all of Boot Camp. The days are starting to go by faster, it’s hard to believe there is only four more days of training before the team starts packing up and moves out to a different island on the other side of the globe. 
Yesterday the team had KP, (kitchen patrol) which means that they didn’t have to run the Obstacle Course. This made for dry clothes and happy feet for the ones who fall in the Slough more often than not. 
We’ve added Carpentry and Drama to the skills we are learning here at the LORD’S Boot Camp, the team did an amazing job in their Drama class today and the instructor was impressed with the amount of energy they brought to the drama. The team had a blast and they are excited to learn more in the coming week. Music class is coming along beautifully, the team is really getting into the songs and they are sounding great! We are blessed to have two guitar players who are flexible and fast learners. 

The team won the Brainstorming Award last night for their creativity in writing a song that best describes Boot Camp, so tomorrow they will get to spend their free time in the pool, something they’ve been wanting to do since that got to Boot Camp. 
Keep the team in your players as they continue on with Boot Camp, pray that unity will grow stronger in the team and hearts will be open to the LORD’S leading. 
Boot Camp is ______. Wow, how would I finish that sentence? Well the first couple of days were so hard. The heat was miserable, the OC (Obstacle Course) was a challenge for our team and the bugs were a pest, but it all got better after the third day. You could see God working in peoples lives during the rallys, the OC ended up being fun and eventually you learn how to deal with the bugs. One More Week! -Vension 
When I first came to Boot Camp it was hot and gross and I wanted to go home. But then I met my team, we laughed and joked around and I knew God put me here for a reason. When times get hard my team is there to pick me up and help me through, I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. – Naomi Watson 
Hi! My favorite things are good leaders, the OC, good team members, music, rally, puppets, and block laying. My least favorite thing is the sun. Pray that I will grow closer to Christ while I’m here. – Tasha Lyon 
Boot Camp is really tough, yet rewarding. At first I really didn’t know what to expect, but now, along with the rest of the team I’m finally getting the hang of it. I can really see God working in our lives. – Holly 
Long, sweaty days and night, bug bites, bucket showers and doing laundry by hand… not really what many would want to spent their summer doing, but to be honest, it’s amazing! This Boot Camp really changes you. You learn a myriad of things from the speakers and from one another. The first day I thought to myself, “ugh, this is going to be a loooonnnggg summer” but by the end of the day I grew close to my team and now I don’t ever want to leave. -Diana 
Boot Camp on the first day was very hard and I was intimidated by all the rules, not being able to talk to my family and friends and bathing with buckets. For the first few days I felt so lost and confused every moment of the day up until the fourth day where I became better friends with my team and started getting used to all the rules. If I could have chosen to go home on day two, I probably would have, but right now there’s no place I would rather be. As the days go by the OC gets easier and friendships grow stronger. It’s not as bad as I thought it was going to be. There’s no turning back now, only a few more days! I can do this! – MatthewVanuatu 7:5#1
Vanuatu 7:5#2


  1. For Ethan Lupo and Diana (Melissa) Almazan,

    hi hope you are having a wonderful day. Ethan, I miss you and i also think you helped me understand what you were doing by running up to the stage trying to get the flag. dad grew a bigger beard and Reese is growing every day. Melissa I talked to your mom on Skype. I’m going to get Ethan’s bunk bed and my room is going to be painted sky bluish.

    Chase F. Lupo

    • Dear Chase, You can email your messages to the kids. The email address is on our website under “2015 Mission Trips”. They do not have access to the internet this summer.

      • Dear Beth,
        I do not see an email address under “2015 Mission Trips”. Thanks for letting us know they will receive our email messages. Please provide the address here.
        Beth Bowen

        • Beth, Go under “2015 Mission Trips) and scroll all the way down and it is the last thing and says “Mission Trips/Team Addresses/Boot Camp Email.

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