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18 HolyLandCHello from the Holy Land!

Each day at 5:30 AM we wake up to our leaders, Leah and Mike saying “Good Morning Holy Land! You have five minutes!” The first one to morning line-up is always Miranda. Our first morning activity is called Rapture Report, where every team lines up and counts off all at the same time. Jaqueline always reports for our team after we count off and says, “The Holy Land team is all present!” Next we run the Obstacle Course. Ethan loves to be “front flag” and lead the team through the course. Edward is our encourager, so he asks to be the “back flag,” the last team member through the course. Kailub has learned how to get over the Slough and stay dry! Emily is very courageous- our first girl to go over the wall!  After the Obstacle Course, we enjoy breakfast and devotions-or as Kaitlyn calls it, “Jesus time.” After devotions, we have two Bible classes. This week we have been hearing from the founder of Teen Missions, Bob Bland, and a special speaker, Paul Veit-known as the “dinosaur pastor,” because he teaches on Creation. Next, we have block-laying class. Casey is quite good at block-laying, and works very hard in class. We’ve also learned how to make concrete (Jakob’s favorite class), how to lay out a building (Gabe enjoyed that!), and all kinds of other wonderful construction skills.  After lunch we have free time, bath time, and laundry time. Moriah is our laundry queen, and she has been helping her teammates learn to do laundry by hand. Then we have music class and drama class, which our other leader Michelle instructs. Klystia is our drama class star- she loovves this class! Then comes a much enjoyed part of the day-dinner! Kenya, Isabelle, Lily, and Gabe (Mike and Michelle’s kids) enjoy getting to spend time with the team at supper time. After dinner we work on memory verses, and Anastasia is always the first one ready to say hers. Our team loves evening rallies, from the worship to the speaker. 9:30 is “lights out!” Our days are crammed full of learning, building friendships together,  and leaning on Jesus. Thank you so much for trusting us with your children. Each one is so special and appreciated!

Anastasia- This is my second year at Teen Missions International, and I can honestly say this place is like my second home. I am blessed to be with the 2015 Holy Land team this year. I love it! Boot Camp has been a blast so far and my team is amazing. I think the best thing I’ve learned in Boot Camp is teamwork. Our team has grown very close and I can’t wait to see what God has planned for us this summer!

Kailub- Boot Camp is going great. I have grown into a closer relationship with Jesus Christ. Also my team and I become more of a family everyday. Get ready Israel because ready or not, here God comes!!

Emily- I’m Emily and I’m really having a great time here at Boot Camp. It’s kinda rough and dirty but there are a lot of great people on my team. We’re learning how to lay block, get up early in the morning, swing over the slough without falling in, and work as a team. Rallies at night are super fun! I love the songs and the fellowship! I can’t wait till we get to the field but I know I’ll miss Boot Camp. Thanks so much for your prayers!

Edward-Boot Camp has been good but a hard experience. It’s hard getting to every place so quickly and to do SB’s.  I have been working faster and harder than usual here. I have enjoyed listening to the Dinosaur Man. I love drama class and music class. I also like devotional time. 

Jakob- Boot Camp has been a great experience. At the time of my arrival I was scared of one thing in particular, the Slough.  But with a leap of faith, I conquered it. Through the Boot Camp experience I have grown closer to God. Being away from electronics and society gives me less distractions and because of that, I have had a better chance to hear the Lord’s will more clearly. 

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  1. MaryKay Schwulst

    What a life changing experience for each one present! God has everything all lined out and hearts ready to hear His word. Keep us posted!

  2. You guys are awesome! We pray for you every day and a big box of junk food is coming for commissioning! Love, Mama Sarge

  3. I look forward to messages and photos from Boot Camp and especially loved hearing a word of encouragement about a good character trait in each team member! Thank you, Mike, Michelle and Leah and any other tempororary supporting staff for pouring into our children! We are blessed and praying for all of you!!!!! Miranda’s Mom

  4. Thanks for the update!!! I love hearing how the teens are doing!! Sounds like they are doing well and learning a lot! Praying for you all!

  5. So exciting to get to see a bit of everyone’s personality. Continuing to pray for each of you. Eagerly looking forward to the next update.

  6. Glad to hear the team is doing well. Praying for all of you!

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