Malawi II Has Made Progress!

DSCF4040Malawi II has made great progress through the first week as friendships deepen and teamwork comes together. The team began music and drama training over the past few days in preparation for the large crowds expected in Africa. We finished our classes on the drilling rig. Everyone had some time on the controls of the rig in addition to other chores maintaining the drilling fluid and running the rigging (drilling pipe) up and down. Last night the team enjoyed all the 4th of July celebrations including movie night with cold watermelon and popcorn. 

Today, we attended a Galilean service at the lake (The worship team and speaker were on a boat in the lake just like Jesus once did. The worship sounded great as the teams stood in a semi-circle overlooking the water. Today, the teams are also competing in a teen (& preteen) Olympics. Our has done well in some of the events but all have been fun to watch. Tonight, we have the 500-gallon milkshake and Alligator pizza to look forward to…  
Starting on Monday, we begin our last four days of regular training. Time is going by fast!  Thank you for your prayers, email and encouragement!  Here are a few testimonies from the team members…
Anna Killacky – Hi, The past week at Boot Camp has been a very unique experience. Even though it was hard adjusting to living here, it has become so much fun because of my amazing team. One of my favorite things here has been the rallies because we all get to praise God and hear some amazing talks about proving creation and trusting the Bible.  Even though I have only been here a short time, I am already much more prepared for the mission field in Malawi because I am growing in faith, learning new ways to share God’s word, and becoming closer to my team. I am so excited to finally get to Malawi but I really value my time at Boot Camp.
P.S. Mom, Dad, Maddy, and Lucy I love and miss you!
Hosanna Barrett – We are having an awesome time on the Malawi II well drilling team. We learned how to run the drilling rig as well as singing, drama, and phonics. We are learning a lot about God and I have really been convicted about surrendering my actions to Him.
Mariel Roehr – Hello my name is Mariel! I decided to got to Boot Camp a while ago thinking it would push me, but not crazy hard!  I mean, I figured that there were certain things they MUST have. In the first couple of days I discovered that Boot Camp was going to push me both mentally and physically so, so much harder than I had ever thought. I found out that the dress code was much more strict than I had assumed. Eating is no leisurely past-time. Meals are vital and very fast. These among many other changes (early mornings) made my first day of Boot Camp very hard, stressful and nerve-wracking. But… all of these terrible things had an amazing and unexpected effect on me. They forces me to really become closer to God. I could not only get through the day… I could actually enjoy it!
We have made a lot of new friends and learned new skills. I have also been given the opportunity to use my talents for God through music! I am the ‘director’ person at the front of the choir when my team has singing class. I enjoy it a lot and love the fact that I have this opportunity to serve God through music. Boot Camp is tough (they’ve even dedicated a song to that…) but I love it!
P.S. Mom, Dad, Sig I love and miss you so much!


  1. This is a fun report! Thank you for posting this TMI! 🙂

  2. Hello Mariel,So good to hear from you and all the different things you are involved in and learning. I am proud of you for hanging in there especially through the hard times. I knew you would become a leader in some way just because God made you that way. I hope you’ll continue on this fast track of learning so many new things especially spiritually and will stay safe and well. I have my picture of your prayer requests in my daily devotional and it has become the special time at my daily prayers for you. I hope some more pictures of you and your group keep coming because it makes us feel somewhat connected and informed. It sounds like you are enjoying the whole experience and are adapting well. I wonder if you,ve made any special friends yet? Love you much Oma Roehr

  3. What a wonderful report. I sure hope that your wonderful experience continues to be everything you hope for. We missed you on your Dad’s birthday but know that you in a good place. Stay safe on you journey in faith in God

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