N. Ireland Report From 7/1

N. Ireland 7:1 #2The Northern Ireland team is alive and doing well at the Lord’s Boot Camp!!  We have had four tough but great days.  We have had hot, humid weather but a big thunderstorm rolled through so it’s been a bit cooler with a nice breeze. The team had ‘Piggy’ on Saturday, Arrival day, which means we had the privilege of cleaning the bathrooms because we had the dirtiest camp, eating, and sitting sites right off the bat! However, Monday we won the ‘Clean’ award so the team enjoyed an hour in the pool during free time. We were all excited to say the least!! 
We started our classes Monday so have begun to settle into a routine traveling through Boot Camp as a team to music, puppets, a few construction classes, drama, and numerous activities!  We are beginning to bond as a team.  A good example of that would be when we ran the Obstacle Course (OC) for the first time Tuesday morning.  When one team member was struggling with a particularly difficult obstacle, (team member) said “Let’s stop so we can pray with you” and they all prayed together.  They didn’t do well ‘time wise’, but they certainly grew as a team!  Praise the Lord!
We’ve also been enjoying the company of Noel and Wally, two gentlemen from Northern Ireland who are volunteering here for a few weeks. (Noel’s daughter is here on the Haiti team)  They joined us for ‘tea’ (supper) the other night and we were able to talk to them a little about their country.  We are learning to understand their Irish brogue and their different expressions.  Noel says the accent is different between Ireland and Northern Ireland. The team has been experiencing some great spiritual strides as well.  The speakers have been awesome and decisions have been made for salvation, full surrender to Jesus, and a deeper dedication to having personal devotion time. God is Good!!

We will give all our team members a chance to give testimony about what’s happening in their lives this summer.  Today Abby, Hannah S., David and Meg shared a little. 

Abby Reinhardt – Boot Camp has been really hard.  But fun, also!  I have learned so much and I have deepened my faith and relationship with God.  Love and miss you Reinhardt family!

Meg Strickland – Here we are at Boot Camp!  I love my classes.  Puppets and Drama are my favorites.  The first night here our team suffered a blow.  We won the the Piggy Award, which means our campsite was messy and we had to clean the bathroom.  But now, just two days later, we won the cleanliness award.  The reward was getting to use the pool during free time. We were told you could hear the squeals of joy from the other side of camp!

David Johnson – Hey, Guys, thanks for tuning in!  I’m David, one of the three proud men traveling to Northern Ireland.  Coming a day late to the Boot Camp definitely got me started off on the wrong foot by missing Orientation, setting up my tent, and meeting up with my team.  The first day was filled with stress and anxiety and I began to be intimidated.  On the second day things started to slow down starting with my 3o minute quiet time.  It might seem very cheesy, but I realized the reason I am here is not for me, but for my Lord.  Why should I be afraid?  Because of this, I was picked up and ready to spread God’s great news!  Thank you for your prayers.  God is so good!

Hannah Smith – I’m Hannah S and I’m on Northern Ireland.  The first day was really tough but on the third day, Wow!  I made friends, I calmed down, and started understanding things.  I’m so happy my mom and dad signed me up *hi! Mom and Dad*  At first I was so mad.  I didn’t even want to talk about it, but as I prayed and started taking it in, that it wasn’t about me it’s about honoring God and blessing others, that I was more happy.  I strongly suggest to sign up for Teen Missions, it’s changed my life!IMG_1343 IMG_1372 IMG_1364 IMG_1361


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