The Australia PT Team Is Doing Great!

AustraliaIt’s been a crazy first few days here at the Lord’s Boot Camp but everyone is beginning to settle into the routine. Though many approach the Obstacle Course and especially the Slough with dread, Caleb said it was his favorite part. and made it over for the first time. Also, Lorelai made it over the Wall for the first time today. We won two awards last night. The first was for godliness, as Sam O. and Gracie helped to move chairs out of the rain during a storm. The other award was for Brainstorming as Sam C. composed an original Boot Camp theme song. Abraham and Chloe are definitely looking forward to swimming in the pool as the team’s reward. 

We as leaders are overjoyed to watch as Lucas slowly emerges from his shell while we find creative outlets for our more energetic boys like Semaj through interactive skits and traditional African games. Kaley has turned out to be one of our strongest team members, easily lifting a five-gallon bucket of rocks during concrete class after Spicer’s valiant yet unsuccessful attempt to do it himself. 

Today we participated in a Galilean service out on the lake as well as the yearly Boot Camp Olympics. Maddy was able to put her strong swimmer’s lungs to good use blowing a peanut down the sidewalk with a straw. Tonight the kids get their first cold drink in days in the form of a 500-gallon milkshake which has Ellysia and Josh very excited. 

“I have learned to always carry a dry pair of socks.” – Abraham


“You want to go to bed when your leader says, ‘Lights out!” because then you get more sleep.” – Ellysia



  1. Thank very much for all your updates and pictures. I am Ellysia’s grandmother. It has been a JOY to see what they are doing daily.
    Please tell her I’ve been praying for her as well.

  2. Thanks so much for the updates! I am Maddy’s “Ninna” (grandmother). Please let her know that we are praying for her every day and are looking forward to her return and telling us all about Australia and the team. We are also praying for the whole team. They are exceptional young people to be willing to do the Lord’s work such as this at such an early age.
    Looking forward to further updates!

    Way to go Maddy! I love you!

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