The Forest Angels Team Is Loving Boot Camp!

FA 7:5#1We are all having a great time at Boot Camp on the Forest Angels Preteens Team. On the first night we won the Piggy(messiest tent site) Award and had to clean the bathrooms the next day. We split into three groups to accomplish the task. Rosalyn, Ally and others took charge of cleaning the leaders’  bathrooms. Nathan and Andrew helped encourage a group to clean the care station bathrooms, and Thai single-handedly cleaned the front office bathroom. Nathan and Jordan helped everyone clean up the tent site and the next two nights we won the cleanest camp site award. For winning the Clean Award we were able to swim in the pool. We all played Marco Polo and afterwards Elias won the biggest splash contest. 

The Forest Angels love to run the Obstacle Course in the morning. In three days we were able to lift all 13 team members over the dreaded wall. Yesterday Jayden lead the group with the front flag and Jude encouraged us from behind with the back flag. During the day we do Puppets and Music Class. Our Preteen veteran, Jordan and previous Peanut, Andrew helped teach our team the choreography to the puppet songs. Nick, Elias and Ally were excited about Music Class and nominated the songs we are going to use for our presentation. In the evenings we have rallies. Austin and Ally have come up with two team cheers for us. The last three nights, we enjoyed Paul Veit, the “Dino Pastor”, as our rally speaker. We all learned about Dinosaurs, and the Bible. We also looked at Dinosaur bones and even touched T-Rex Dung. After his message last night, Issac, Ben, and Andrew responded to the Altercall. 

I really like it here at Boot Camp even though its hard. The worst parts of Boot Camp are waking up, flushing the toilets with buckets and all the mosquitoes. Other than that everything is really fun. Even when we got the piggy award, we had fun cleaning the bathrooms. The pool and carousel are amazing. Everyone here is really nice. The OC is my favorite thing. 

– Ally

Before Boot Camp I didn’t really think about the importance of the Bible. Before I was always taught the Bible but now I am learning the importance of the Bible. I am also learning the importance of reading the Bible at home. 
– Jude

Boot Camp is fun but there is a lot of bugs. The food is good. Living in tents is not too bad and the bucket showers are somewhat different. Over all it is alot of fun here. 
– Jayden

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