The Madagascar Team Is Doing Great!

IMG_1106One week down, one to go! The kids are doing wonderfully here at the Lord’s Boot Camp. Despite hot weather and a packed schedule, everyone is keeping a positive attitude and the teamwork and family atmosphere continue to grow! This week we are working on drama and puppets, as well as more motorcycle training. The kids will be able to utilize these, as well as the training classes from last week, in the Sunday Schools they will be running in Madagascar.
Yesterday we celebrated July 4th (Happy Independence Day!) with grilled burgers, some fireworks, a great evening rally, and then movie and popcorn! The kids had a blast and really enjoyed the evening treat.
This morning for our Sunday service we had a Galilean service. The teams all gathered out at the waterside and we heard a message preached from a boat out on the water. It was a great way to start off “Super Sunday”! The rest of the day will be spent participating in the Boot Camp Olympics, wheel-barrow parade, and enjoying pizza and milkshakes (from the 500-gallon milkshake-maker!!). Each of the team members have selected some of the Olympic events to compete in, and are enjoying a break from training. Tomorrow starts back up with running the OC, and then into a full day of training and work. As Commissioning draws closer, the team is eager to put all of their training into action and begin serving in Madagascar!
Please pray for continued safety on the motorcycles, as well as good health for the team and leaders. Also pray that the Lord would continue to speak to each of the team members and prepare them for growth, maturity, and service!
Danae Kostner – This first week of Boot Camp has been awesome so far! We are really coming together as a team and learning a lot. Bike training is going well, and everyone is getting the hang of it. Can’t wait for Madagascar!
Amy – I’ve learned so much in so little time. I’m going to be so thankful when I get home-my mom is going to love it.
Luke A – There are only seven more days of Boot Camp! The motorcycle training is going well and we are learning more every day. I am so excited to see what God has in store for us in Madagascar.

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