The N. Ireland Team Is Amazing!

25 N IrelandCSo, I just have to start off by saying that the Northern Ireland team is an amazing group of teenagers!  Every parent should be so proud and excited about the way your children are conducting themselves here at Boot Camp. They are respectful, have great attitudes, encourage each other, work hard, play hard, and honestly, I can’t think of one negative thing about them.  God is doing great things in their hearts and lives and you should know that we are very proud and thankful to have each one of them on our team.  Thank you for being willing to let them serve the Lord this summer! As a parent, I know that it’s not always 

I’ll start off with some words from your kids!

Hannah G – Hey, Ya’ll!  Boot Camp is rough but fun.  Our team is so awesome and we are connecting great.  There’s this one guy, Adam, on our team who makes jokes out of everything – so funny!  God is so good! Devotions is one of my favorite times of the day.  Love you, family!

Gloria F – Hey Guys! When I first got here I wanted to leave.  However, since then I’ve grown closer to my team members and each of them has already made an impact on my life.  I am so thankful to have this opportunity to learn a new level of selflessness and compassion. Washing Laundry by hand and taking bucket baths has definitely made me appreciate what God has blessed me with.

Kristina J – Hey, Ya’ll!  Boot Camp so far has been one of the most challenging, yet greatest experiences of my life.  Between the morning Obstacle Course run, construction, and performing arts (puppets, music, drama) classes, and the wonderful leaders and teachers, it all adds up to a whole lot of fun.  I miss you so much, Mom and Dad, and I love you more than you could possibly imagine.

Brianna M – Hi, Everybody!  These past days at the Lord’s Boot Camp have been really hard.  Many things have been tripping me up while I run the Lord’s race, but I know that the Lord will always be here with me.  Every single time I pray, which is often, God has answered every request I have had.  I have to admit Boot Camp is one of the hardest things that I have ever done in my life, but I’m still here!  I miss my family so much, but then God tells me that it will all be ok.  I love and miss you, Mom, Dad, Jud, Leila, Nana, Papa and Rocky.  Love you!

While we have struggled with some being homesick, it’s been great to see team members rally around each other, pray for each other, and encourage each other to keep going and look to God for strength. A favorite saying of Bob Bland’s, is ‘God’s way up is down!’ So there definitely is a purpose for the hardships in our lives.

We’ve had typical summer Florida weather these past few days!  Muggy, hot and humid mixed in with some bursts of thunderstorm and rain.  Of course that brings with it mosquitoes and no seeums (little biting gnats)! 

Our days have been very busy moving from class to class!  The team really enjoys their puppet, music, and drama classes.  The drama teacher told us that she absolutely loves our team and that they work hard, listen well, and are GREAT at their dramas.  They work so well as a team!  It’s always exciting to see how it all comes together at Boot Camp.  Music is coming along, too.  Adam is our guitar player and some of the songs we sing are “Fill Up my Cup”, “Jesus Loves Me”, “10,000 Reasons”, “How He Loves”, and we’re working on a few others.  Josh and David are guitar players, too, so they help each other with chords, etc.  We have 13 girls on the team.  Seuraya is also working on joining in on the fiddle.  Kaitlyn, Kristina, Abby, Audrey, Brianna, Meg, Gloria, Hannah G, Hannah S, Kayla, Rachel, and Jodi are great singers, so we’re sounding pretty good! (but I’m not biased at all… 🙂

Last night the 4th of July Rally was pretty exciting.  I hope some of you watch the rally webcast!  We had the normal music and awards given, but then had a grand entrance by Teen Missions’ staff member, Bob Lane, on a bicycle decked out with some sparklers and other awesome fireworks.  He preached a great challenge about giving everything to God.  Following, we watched a movie, “Mud, Sweat, and Cheers” in the Big Top and we were treated to popcorn and COLD watermelon!

Today (Sunday) we are KP (kitchen duty) and have a busy day filled with that, quizzing, the Galilean Sunday morning service, Boot Camp Olympics, the wheelbarrow parade, and most importantly, pizza and milkshake for supper.  We’ll tell you all about all that in our next report!  

Blessings to you all and please continue in prayer for out team!

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