The Uganda Team Is Loving Boot Camp!

DSCN9212It is another great day for the Uganda Team here at Boot Camp! 

Instead of running the Obstacle Course (and having the chance of getting wet in the Slough), we were assigned to do the World Map instead. The World Map is a gigantic puzzle of the world that is so big you need two or three people to carry the pieces and put them in place. Some countries are so big they are split into three or four pieces.  
This week we finished up classes in Drama and Phonics and began classes in Music and Puppets. It was a nice change! 
Yesterday we celebrated the Fourth of July. We had yummy hamburgers fresh off the grill for supper, and after rally we enjoyed cold watermelon and popcorn during the annual showing of the “Mud, Sweat and Cheers” film.
Today was the Boot Camp Olympics. It was an afternoon filled with wheelbarrow races, duffel bag relays and so much more!
Tonight we are looking forward to pizza and a strawberry milkshake for supper. Then during rally we will show off our team wheelbarrow in the Wheelbarrow Parade. It’s been a busy weekend for us!
From the team:
Sarah W. – Boot Camp has been amazing and hard. The Lord has been teaching me so much and I’m so happy I came!
Katie R. – Boot Camp is probably one of the hardest things I’ve ever done, but I’m learning so much from the Lord and that’s pretty awesome!
Shelby – Boot Camp has been one of the most life changing experiences. It’s been so awesome watching our team grow and bond through the love of Christ. So glad God blessed us with an experience like this.
Andrew – Boot Camp has been one of the most difficult things I have ever done. I don’t have any showers, beds or air-conditioning. This is all I thought about before Boot Camp. I realize now that God takes away all of my fears. i now say that Boot Camp is a wonderful place.
Scott – It was hard to get used to, but it became fun.
Mitchell – It is hot and sticky.


  1. We are praying for the entire camp. Just found out that Ashton Root is from our home town and knows our niece, who is a home school mom. Aaron Bohot is our grandson on the S. Korean team. Love to see family and friends working together to spread the gospel! Lot of love and prayers going up for you all.

      1. Hi, Shannon, We are Aaron Bohot’s grandparents who live in Tyler, TX. Our niece, Tender Tenbrink, knows you as a home school mom
        and asked us to pray for Ashton and the Uganda team when we pray for Aaron and the S. Korean Team.. It has been so good being
        able to see the live webcasts each night. Praying for their safety as they go! Rodney and Joyce

        1. Thanks so much for praying for our sweet daughter and her team! I love how the body of Christ comes together for one purpose! We live in Lindale. Our niece, Abby Roots, is also going to South Korea! Praying for them as they leave tonight!

          1. Shannon, we are still praying, and will continue to do so until they return safely. Aaron and Abby are still in the air and will be landing in S Korea at about 8 our time tonight. We found out that Aaron has an ear infection, so we are praying that God will heal him and that the landing will not be so painful. Did you see the good picture that was posted from the Frankfort Airport?

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