The Zimbabwe Team Has Become Like Family

30 ZimbabweCThe Zimbabwe team has had a wonderful day. Last night the team won the “Brainstorming” award and got to swim in the pool today as a result, which was nice and refreshing for everyone. Today the team started their training on how to fit people for eyeglasses and they learned quickly. Also, they enjoyed seeing what a Bush Sunday School was like. Even though we have only been here for a week, the team seems more and more like family every day. (They never stop laughing). It is evident that the Lord is making an impact on their lives as they continue to grow in their faith. 
“I’ve always been told that the greatest lessons are learned through tough situations. At Boot Camp I begun to see the truth in this statement. Boot Camp is hard, dirty, and tiring, but even after only a few days, it has taught me so much about God and about perseverance, teamwork, and the importance of a good attitude. It is a place of encouragement, with leaders, and teammates always lifting you up. It is nothing like being home, but I have experienced the presence of the Lord here, and I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else this summer.” -Jenny
“Well to say the least.. Boot Camp is no pamper-camp! But in truth we as a team have already grown so close and at the end of the day can look back on how far we have come. The Lord has been watching over us, keeping us safe and in good health. Through the tough times and the good, cleaning the bathrooms and running the OC (Obstacle Course), we can really appreciate the time we earn in the swimming pool and feeling clean! The rallies are a great way to strengthen our bond and receive a message from the Lord. I look forward to taking all that we have learned here and sharing it in Zimbabwe!” -Sadie
“The first few days of Boot Camp are always trying. It stretches you to your limits. Now that week one is over, Boot Camp has become easier and I am looking forward to see what God is going to reveal next week. Our speaker, Paul Viet, has given us so many tools to defend our faith, I wish we could have him next week as well.” -Elizabeth

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