And It Is Still Hot In Switzerland!

Switzerland 7:2 #5Our project to paint the house continues on much the same as all our other reports. There have been a couple adjustments, though. Roger’s brother (a professional house painter) visited last Friday, and said that the paint was too thick (Roger is the only one mixing it) and in addition, he gave insight as to how the shutters should be painted, so we made that change. It is our hope that these two adjustments will help things go more quickly.

Weather, also, continues much the same – very HOT – up near 100 degrees daily (or maybe slightly over). We are all affected by it in that it makes us all feel very tired. A thunderstorm had been predicted for last night, but never materialized.
On Saturday, we went into the old part of Thun (a city about 800-900 years old) for shopping in the shadow of the castle. Everyone found at least one item to purchase, but we hope all our family members will be understanding about one thing – chocolate. We do NOT have a cool enough place to store any, so it is very possible we will all arrive home without any Swiss chocolate. Sorry for the disappointment. Our other outstanding event was Sunday afternoon – we went swimming in the lake. There is a beach area within a short walk of our project. I think EVERYONE enjoyed the opportunity to get into the water and cool off!
Our goals and future plans are to continue the work of prepping and painting the house. This coming Saturday we will be going to the Neiderhorn for our sightseeing day.
On Sunday, David shared a bit of a lesson/message on “Scientific Facts in the Bible”, another article in his Evidence Bible. Stef led in music. 
Alene Gross writes: “I have enjoyed being on the field. I have learned through both the Bible and God how important it is to be a team. I have enjoyed our daily team devotions, hearing other team members share what God has laid on their hearts. It has really encouraged me. I pray to God to give me and everyone on this team strength and unity. Bless the Lord for bringing us here.”
Aiden Verduyn writes: “When I came to Boot Camp I was not a Christian. But on the third night I accepted the Lord as my Saviour. Since I got to Switzerland I have been growing closer to God. I still have struggles but God is helping me through them.”
Anya Valkema writes: “Switzerland is beautiful! Although it is rather hot for where we are (30 degrees Celsius/about 100 degrees). We are painting a guest house here at YWAM and while we work we have time to reflect on God’s creation, because although our job is important it is quite brainless.”
Elisabeth Parsons writes: “When we first arrived here I knew God had allowed me to come onm thjis missions trip, but I confess I didn’t really see a whole lot of purpose. At first it was a little hard to see why I was needed on an expensive missions trip 6 hours out of my time zone to repaint a house. But God has been reminding me of something – I don’t have to see the whole plan of life; I just have to trust the One who made it.”
Seamus Thompson writes: “I’m very blessed to be able to work in such a beautiful place, surrounded by other believers who are doing what God has called them to do. I am still learning how to overcome challenges such as being away from friends and family and so many other things that we as Americans take for granted.”
Nathaniel Bay writes: “Got to do some sightseeing today. It was amazing. This whole week has  been amazing, waking up on the side of a mountain shows just how well God made this earth.”
Isabelle Parsons writes: “The Lord has really been working in my life these past few weeks. Lately during our morning devotions I’ve been studying the faith of the centurion (Luke 7:6-10) and it’s just amazing to be able to see someone of such a strong faith that can be a great example to follow. This trip has been a wonderful blessing to me and I’m so grateful for all of my team members and leaders.”

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