Australia Missions Trip


Go “Down Under” on this summer missions trip to Queensland, Australia and enjoy one of Earth’s most beautiful continents.


Teen — Ages (13-19)

Travel: After completing training at the Lord’s Boot Camp, you bus to the Orlando International Airport for a flight across the southern United States to Los Angeles. You will then jet across the Pacific Ocean, the Equator and the International Date Line before arriving in Auckland, New Zealand. From Auckland you fly across the Tasman Sea to Brisbane. There will be a two-hour bus ride to the Teen Missions Australia Bible, Missionary & Work (BMWTraining Center located near Tewantin on Australia’s Gold Coast.

Ministry: Spend an exciting time serving the Lord as you continue construction on a multipurpose building and other projects at Teen Missions Australia. Enjoy watching the kangaroos and wallabies in a nearby field as you work. You may even spy a koala in one of the eucalyptus trees on the property! There will be opportunities to share the Gospel in public schools and local churches using music, puppets and testimonies. 

Adventure: Any animals that you don’t see on the property, you may see on a visit to the world-famous Australia Zoo, founded by the legendary Crocodile Hunter, Steve Irwin. A visit to beautiful Noosa Heads Beach, a South Pacific surfer’s paradise, will provide an afternoon of relaxation and shopping.

Dates: June 18 – August 6

Estimated Project Expense: $4890 U.S. plus $30 Registration Fee


(Note: Teams are filled on a first come, first served basis.) Return to Mission Trips List





  1. Is Australian team still open? If not, what teams are still open for registration?

    • Yelena, Yes, Australia is still open. Malawi Mangochi, N. Ireland, Trinidad, Cambodia, Honduras, Indiana, Kilimanjaro, Malawi Well-Drilling, Uganda Foot Washing, and Zambia are all still open.

  2. Am I allowed to bring my frisbee on the trip?

  3. Dose this inculed the price from Orlando to Australia and back

  4. -Or any girls spots open on any of the teams or trips?

  5. I went on a trip with TMI many years ago! I now have a 14 year old with a heart for missions. We are getting a late start but wondered if you still have openings for Australia? Thanks

  6. I want to do the work of god and go on this mission but I am low on money is ther things that can help me raise money

    • Rose, We send you letters and prayer cards to send out to help you raise your money. Just remember that if God wants you to go, He will provide.

  7. Is there a weight limit or physical fitness level that is required for the boot camp and trip?

  8. What all would I need to pack if I went on the trip?? Like do they feed us or do we need separate money for that too?

    • Elise, All of that info comes out after you register. The 2015 packing list is on our website. Your food is covered in your project expense. However, if there are opportunities to eat out or buy snacks, that would be on your own money.

  9. Are there any opening for girls still?

  10. What is required of us to do? Will we be able to teach some wee ones? What is the multipurpose building going to be used for exactly? I want to make sure that this is really the Lords work I will be doing, all for His glory, and not a minute wasted, good compony on the team, and a strong older leader in the faith. I’m fifteen and immature, so I want someone who will be able to guide me while I’m there. Is there an existing church/missionary there?

    • Britt, The building is multi-purpose, so it will be used for many things – camps, meetings, Boot Camp and Debrief use, etc. It is up to you as to whether you do it for God’s glory and whether or not a minute is wasted. Whether you are digging latrines, building an orphanage or washing dishes – it all should be done for God’s glory and you should never waste your (His) time. Again, it is largely up to you as to “good company” on a team. You can set the example and follow the positive examples of others on your team. The project is located at the Teen Missions Base where we run the same program (in December/January) that we run in the US. They also have a Bible school.

  11. are there any teams open I will go where ever when ever i just want to help.

    • Makayla, Most of the teams are still open to girls. Guatemala, Madagascar and India are the only ones closed to girls right now.

  12. are the ages 13-19 or 16-19?

  13. Does the $4890 include travel to and from Australia?

  14. does the price also pay for our trip to florida too.

  15. Is this an individual trip ? Or do I have to sign up with a group ?

    • Paula, You sign up individually and the individuals will make a team. Most will probably not know anyone on the team until they arrive at Boot Camp.

  16. Is the trip really from June 18 – August 6?

  17. How many spots are left on this team?

  18. My support pack has just arrived. I realised every thing has to be paid in checks. Is it ok if send them of as the British currency or should I transfer it to the dollar?

  19. Can I go even tho I live in australia ?

  20. Ok thank you

  21. What is the age requirement and who is this trip open to?

  22. What is the process of signing up and going there I want to sign up for the Australia one but I can’t really find a lot of info on the website

    • Aeryn, More information will come out after everyone gets back in the office in mid-September. You can sign up on our website.

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