Hello From Beautiful Cambodia!

02 CambodiaThe team is staying active this week. They rode motorcycles Saturday for the first time! It was nearly a two-hour ride out to the village. Thank the Lord training went well, and everyone is safe. The team went and played games, sharing the Gospel to about 30 children. We have seen five salvations here! It was very exciting for the team to go out. Please pray as they maneuver through sand and are on the busy roads. 

When the team is on base they also work in the rice fields and help plant. Sunday they presented at a church with about 20 people present. Thankfully, they have their leather jackets to keep the dust off. Monday they started to help set up the Boot Camp, which will run the first week of August. It’s hot and sweaty, but they work hard. There has still been no rain since our arrival to Kampong Chhanang, so the heat is very consistent throughout the day. 

The team members have grown since Boot Camp, and it’s a blessing to hear them share during evening devotions. The Lord is truly moving in their hearts and giving them a burden for the children here. Classes and volleyball are the activities for the evening! Thankfully, they are a group with many questions and willingness to learn. Everyone is healthy, which is a praise.

Our schedule has been 6:00am wake up, and we rotate having days on and off base. Continue to pray for safety on the bikes. Also pray that we are all mindful of the wildlife here. We’re so blessed to know we have your prayer support!

Blessings Everyone!
“Arriving in Cambodia as opened my eyes even more to how great the vast love of God is for every person in this fallen world. It’s been exciting experiencing places my feet have never walked, seeing where my eyes have never looked upon, and being surrounded by new culture. I’ve enjoyed teaching English and the Bible to the Khmer the most. Thank you for all the prayer and support! We have all been safe and well.” – Justin McNally

“Greetings from Cambodia! It has been amazing thus far getting to teach and quickly bonding with the children in each village. The kids are extremely poor, clothed in veritable rags, yet there is much to learn from them. I’m amazed by the joy in the children, despite their condition. There is no sign of complaint. They get along with each other and share with one another. How I want them to understand Christ’s love! Please pray for our ministry, and for the continuation of God’s involvement in these children’s lives!” – Van Kingma

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