Hello From Down Under!

Australian 6:29#2Hello again from Down Under! Team Australia is excited to see another week go by as we close out the half-way mark of our time here in Australia. The past week has been filled with many exciting things. The team has been working long hard days from Monday through Saturday. We have continued right along with the building of the chapel. Friday and Saturday, a carpenter came in to assist with the project. The team was able to assist with the building and set up of the walls. On Friday we got all the trusses up on the building as well. Another group has been working tirelessly on the main road on the property by bringing in dirt to smooth it out and fill any and all potholes. Although they are tired, they seem to be over the “second week hump.” Spirits are high and God is obviously working in the hearts of these teens. 
Today, the team had the opportunity to share a presentation at the Noosa Christian Outreach Church “Kids Ministry.” They all had a great time sharing and fellowshipping with the kids there. The beginning of this week will be similar to most days here as we will continue to work here at the base. From Wednesday through Saturday we have the awesome opportunity to go to the Oasis Church near Brisbane to work with the people there on landscaping, gardening and possibly painting. The team is looking forward to a bit of a change of pace for a few days. 
We would like to thank everyone who has put time into praying for our team. WE NEED IT. It seems like every day that Satan try’s a new way to stop us from continuing to follow God’s leading. Please continue to pray for individual strength, both physically and spiritually. Each team member is struggling with homesickness so we ask for prayer for that as well.


  1. laurence j martin

    Happy Birthday John !! 17 yrs… Stay Strong and carry on:) Dad

  2. Praying!

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