China English Camp

ChinaSpend your summer ministering to children and youth in China by teaching at an English camp!

Teen (ages 13-19)

Travel: After Boot Camp you will fly from Orlando International Airport to Detroit, Michigan. From Detroit you board a flight that crosses Ontario, Canada, the Arctic Ocean and Russia before arriving in Beijing, the bustling capital of China. From Beijing it is a 12-hour bus ride to the camp where your project begins.

Ministry: You will assist at the Joy in the Journey Camp where your summer projects will range from small construction projects to cleaning and preparing the facilities to be used for Camp. You and your fellow team members will be camp counselors, English teachers, activity coordinators and much more to the local children! Live in such a way that those who don’t know Jesus will see Him in you, as you use “friendship evangelism” to witness to the many campers and locals who attend.

Adventure: After your project you return to Beijing via high speed train and visit the centuries-old Great Wall of China, the Forbidden City and Tiananmen Square. Shopping in the lively night markets for shoes, clothing, jewelry, fans, swords and Chinese tea will put your bartering skills to work.

Dates: June 18 – August 6


Estimated Project Expense: $4890 U.S. plus $30 Registration Fee

(Note: Teams are filled on a first come, first served basis.) Return to Mission Trips List





  1. How do you know if you need the unnacompanied minor fee. If I do, how much is it?

    • Alathea, If your parents are paying the airlines an extra fee, then that is an unaccompanied minor fee. That only refers to your transportation to/from Florida, not your international travel.

  2. Are we allowed to bring song books?

  3. Am I allowed to bring a deck of cards for free time

  4. I am moving June 9th, can i call or something to update my new address so that the June newsletter can be mailed there instead of my old house? On the website theres an update your address thing but that seemed to be just for FTM’s that lost touch with TMI…?

  5. In the May monthly update my team was on the list to receive a minor form required for when I receive my visa. Will this form be sent in June? I have not received this form as of yet.

  6. Tabitha A. Pearson

    Hi Beth, I was wondering when (if) you are going to put the boot camp schedule on and where it would be at. And are the Memory Verses under resources the ones we will be memorizing this summer?

    • Tabitha, It will be posted as soon as the final proofing is done. The memory verses should be under resources. If not, do a search.

  7. If we do not get all our support sent in before May 15th are we able to bring the rest in checks when we come to boot camp?

    • Elise, Yes, you may bring the remainder with you to Boot Camp. Make sure you have a coupon for every check. Also, no checks from parents or family members (must be cash or a money order). Checks from other donors are OK.

  8. My mom says that the airlines have raised the prices, so how much more(if any). Also will we get an update letter for June later as well or does it stop @ may

    • Alathea, If there is an increase in the fuel surcharge, we will let you know as soon as we know. There will be a June newsletter.

  9. Are we only supposed to bring cash to boot camp to use overseas?

  10. Beth, when do we find out who our leaders are? Do we meet them at Boot Camp or do we Meet them before?

  11. Hey! My parents are bringing me to Boot Camp. Do we go strait to Registration? Or do we have to go to a certain place?

  12. Hey my brother has a friend who is looking into taking a missions trip. What teams have openings?

    • TabbyKat, We have several teams with openings. If it is a team going overseas and flying, they will need to submit 1/2 of the project expense with their registration as we are finalizing the airline tickets now.

  13. Tabitha A. Pearson

    I forgot, is it all right if I bring like, ice breakers? I have a problem of sucking on my tongue and if I don’t have ice breakers it gets really, really bad. And can I contact other team members?

    • Tabitha A. Pearson

      Also, (SORRY!) When I registered they put me down as fourteen, but I turned fifteen on Monday. Is that going to have any effect on anything?

    • Tabitha, What are ice-breakers? Yes, you may contact other team members. Many already have FB groups. We ask that you don’t solicit support among the team members.

      • Tabitha A. Pearson

        Ice Breakers are a hard(er) “candy”. Not really a candy but yet like it in some ways. I have to suck on them I have a hard time not choking on my tongue.

  14. Tabitha A. Pearson

    Hey. Is there a specific schedule at Boot Camp? My pastor wanted me to get schedule so our church can see what we’ll be doing at Boot Camp and I am e-mailing him some of the info of what we’ll be doing on the field to my knowledge. I only have the brochure to work off of. I hope I get it right.

  15. Is the water @ boot camp clean for washing my face. I get really bad breakouts and am afraid that if the water comes from like a lake, itll make it worse. Is there tap water or ‘normal’ water available?

    • T. There is not “normal” water available as it is not available in many places overseas. I would bring face wipes or pads.

  16. I dont believe i ever recieved the specific team fact sheet at all. Is there anyway you could resend/send it?

  17. My paperwork should arrive at 3:00-3:30 p.m. tomorrow. I apologize for the delay.

  18. This may be silly but on the travel form where it ask if your traveling alone or if you have consent to travel with someone do i mark consent and put in teen missions, or do i mark consent and leave the person’s name off as you will but in leaders names.

    • S. Forsyth, Please follow the directions that I attached in the mailing. I don’t have it in front of me right now.

  19. On the visa application it asks for the name of my school. The college I attend is Heartland Baptist Bible College. Is this alright to put on my application?

  20. My family is going to be dropping me off at boot camp. Is there a specific time you want them to drop me off?

    • Elise, The earlier, the better. However, please don’t come during lunch. If you could be there by 10 or after 1, that would be best. I would advise around 9AM.

  21. Exactly how many boy spots are open. I need numbers haha

  22. Hello! Is this trip open to girls yet or is it still full?

    • Talyr, It is still full. Your best option is to sign up and put China first and then 2-3 other choices. Start raising support and ask to be put on the “waiting list” (we don’t automatically put you there). Then we can put you on it when there is a cancellation. You would be first on the waiting list at this point.

  23. Tabitha A. Pearson

    I am going on this trip this summer and was wondering what our daily schedule is. I usually need to find out what time we have to get up, what time we go to bed, etc. so I can get into the habit and get used to it, otherwise I’ll get really grumpy if I’m not in the habit because everything changes all of the sudden. I don’t have Facebook but if you could email me at [email protected] that would be great.

    • Tabitha, At Boot Camp, you will be getting up at 5:30 and going to bed at 9 or 9:30. Your schedule in China will vary depending on when you work and when you help run camps. During the camps, you will go by their schedule for the most part. You may have to get up earlier for devotions in China during the camps.

    • Hey I am a girl and I signed up for China as my 1 st will I be able to go and when will I know what country I’m going to? And how long will I have to get ready in the morning?

  24. Since I am bringing culottes instead of pants do I need to make them out of denim?

  25. is there anyway u can send me another copy of the finacial sheet?

    • Zoe, Is that the one you just received in December? If so, please call the office and ask for the Finance Dept. We send them out monthly.

      • no not the one in the update, the one where u fill it out yourself from the support packets. i messed mine up and i wrote in pen i only had one copy.

        • Zoe, You can make your own or you can email the office and ask for another one. It is really for your use. VERY rarely do we need to use it.

          • so if i didnt have one i wouldnt get “in trouble (on a wait list)” at boot camp registration?

          • Zoe, What do you mean that if you didn’t have one? One what?

          • if i didnt have the financial sheet that comes in the support packet that they say to turn in at boot camp, if i didnt have it would i not be able to participate?

          • Zoe, It is mainly for your use. VERY rarely do we need to access it. As long as you keep up with who has given (and we send out monthly reports), you should be fine.

  26. How many boy spots are open

  27. How many boy spots are filled

  28. hi there i was wondering if there was any openings for china for girls

  29. Hi, I’m wondering if this team is full for boys yet. Thanks!

  30. how many girls can go on one team. i know china is full, just wondering how many girls can a team hold?

    • Zoe, We normally put 15 girls and 10 boys on each team. However, at some point in the spring, we will fill the team regardless.

  31. Can two siblings go together on this team?

  32. Can siblings can go together on this trip? My son is a former team member, and my daughter wants to go with him.

  33. Is the team full miss beth?

  34. Am I supposed to apply for my visa now or am I supposed to wait until later?

    • Elise, You will need to wait until we send you all the information. You cannot apply too far ahead of time or else it won’t be good when you travel.

  35. I did not receive the specific team facts sheet in my Information Packet. Is there any way I can get a copy?

    • Elise, The Specific Team Fact Sheets come out in the spring. The General Fact Sheet was included with your packet. If it was not, please call our office and ask them to send another one (or email). 321-453-0350 or [email protected].

  36. so like what continent in chiina in? like whr even is it?

  37. so anyone having looking for the fb page “Tmi China Camp” there as been a new one thats easier to find and better its Tmi China Camp 2016
    hopes this helps!

  38. Zoe I tried finding your Facebook page but i had a hard time finding it please send me a link so I can check it out 😛

  39. is there any room left on this team?

  40. I received an e-mail today saying that my mom and I were registered for this trip, but my mom did not register to go on a missions trip. Was this just a typo?

  41. Will I need a visa as well as an passport?

  42. Hey, quick question! with all mission trips I could potentially go on, would I have to attend the Boot Camp before I go international?

  43. Hi Zoe, my name is Elise and I am registering for this trip. I do not have a Facebook account, but you can email me at [email protected] .

  44. Erin, I’ll try I don’t exactly know how to make that link but I’ll try!

  45. I set up a Facebook page for this its tmi China camp if u registered for this one then check the page out!

    • Hey Zoe! My name is erin I am registering for this team I was wondering if you could you send a link or give me your Facebook name? I had trouble finding the page. 🙂

    • Hi Zoe! My name is Elise and I am registering for the china Missions Trip. I would like to get to know a little about you, but I do not have a Facebook account. If you like we can e-mail each other. My e-mail address is [email protected]
      Hope to hear from you soon!

      • Tabitha A. Pearson

        Hey Elise this is Tabitha. Is it all right if I e-mail you? I’m on the team and was hoping to at least get to know someone on the team.

  46. Will there be a further description of the teams?

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