Honduras Boat Evangelism

HondurasBe a part of the first team to share the Gospel on the Motorboat Sunday School Mission Circuit on the rivers of Honduras! 


Teen Missions Trip (ages 13-19)

Travel: After completing your training at the Lord’s Boot Camp, you bus to the Orlando International Airport and fly across the Gulf of Mexico, Cuba and the Caribbean Sea to Panama City, Panama. A short connecting flight takes you to San Pedro Sula, Honduras. 

Ministry: After a day of purchasing supplies and packing, you will bus to the coast where you will board the motorboat and begin your Sunday school ministry. You will enjoy the beautiful natural scenery of Honduras as you travel down the Rio Platano going from village to village sharing the love and hope of Jesus Christ with people who are spiritually lost. There will be evangelism opportunities through presentations of puppets, dramas and music, teaching Bible lessons and playing games with the children. 

Adventure: At the end of this exciting trip, you will enjoy shopping for hammocks, machetes, jewelry and other precious souvenirs, as well as spending a day on the beach of the beautiful Caribbean Sea.

Dates: June 18 – August 13

Estimated Project Expense: $3190 U.S. plus $30 Registration Fee


(Note: Teams are filled on a first come, first served basis.) Return to 2016 Mission Trips List



  1. Can I bring a brown hat that says Alaska on it ? On go buy a new on with no words on it?

  2. Beth, is there a music list for me with my flute? I would like to bring music sheets. Is that OK? Is the flute included in the weight of luggage?

    • Carissa, Everyone is given a song book with the notes. Yes, the flute is included in your weight limit.

  3. Do we have to bring a plate or tray or will that be provided at boot camp?

    • Bob, As stated in the literature, you will need to bring a bowl and plate for use on the field. We provide dishes for Boot Camp and Debrief.

  4. do the ftm’s have to memorize the green or purple memory verses thanks

  5. Also, are there any scholarship opportunities or things like that?

    • Jonny, No, but we do provide prayer cards and letters for you to send to family and friends, plus there are many other ways to raise the support (car washes, garage sales, etc.).

  6. Are there any more spots open? I want to see if maybe I could do it this summer.

  7. And is this a work or evangelism trip?
    Thank you

  8. when are you going to send out the specific team fact sheet where its tells you how many kids are on the trip?

  9. Are there any boy slots still available for this trip?

  10. Are there any more girl spots available for Honduras?

  11. Hello, I am trying to pay the registration fee for the Honduras Boat Evangelism, however, whenever I try to pay using Pay Pal, an error occurs. I first tried w/o using an account, and then I made an account, but the error continues to present itself. How can I register my daughter for the trip?

  12. Are there any girl spots available

  13. Is there room for 3 siblings to still attend this trip? (16,15,13)

  14. Are the people going on this trip going to stay/sleep in a boat the whole time?

  15. My daughter is signed up for this trip and I was wondering how concerned we should be about the zika virus? Will Teen Missions change the destination if travel to Honduras is unsafe?

    • Jessica, We are monitoring the situation. Right now, it only affects those who are pregnant. We will not hesitate to change the location if necessary.

  16. My grand daughter just signed up for this trip. As her legal guardian I want her to go but just want to be reassured that nothing is going to happen to her while she is gone. How safe is this trip? What are some concerns I should be having?

    • Patricia, We do every thing in our power to make sure everyone is safe. The team members are not allowed to wander off alone or in groups without a leader present. Not only will this be a faith-stretching experience for her. but also for you.

  17. Do you have to sign up a year in advance or is there still time to go on this years trips?

  18. Is there still room on the Honduras Boat Evangelism?

  19. is honduras still open

  20. It’s me again! If I decide to go to one of the trips that involves music, should I bring my own instrument? And, are there any spots left for this trip?

    • Olivia, ALL the trips involve music. Yes, you may bring an instrument, but do not bring an expensive one. Yes, Honduras is still open.

      • Okay, I have to talk to my father about all of this before we make a final decision. (He is my pastor as well). Honduras is most likely the trip I will participate in. Thanks again for all of your help!

  21. What will I need to pay all in all?

  22. We will be gone for two months, but this says we will only be in the country for 3 weeks. Is this because of travel time or what?

    • Jenna, You will be on your project site closer to 4 to 4 1/2 weeks. Boot Camp is just over two weeks and debrief is 4-5 days. You will need to figure travel time into that.

  23. If I’m flying from the UK do I need to bring a plastic tote because I do t think they are aloud on the planes

    • Elizabeth, A plastic tote is not required (but should be allowed as we sometimes take them overseas), but it makes it easier.

  24. Will we be sleeping on boat? Or in tents?

  25. Is there any more information about this or do we have to register to receive more info?

    • Zoe, A more detailed description will come out in late September/October. Everyone is on vacation/deputation at this time.

  26. Is this trip safe to go on? And would my child need any vaccinations?

    • Elizabeth, We do everything in our power to keep your child safe. You would need to check with your physician on vaccinations.

  27. What date is boot camp next year?

  28. Will there be further information given after signing up?

    • Katie, We will process the registrations in mid to late September when everyone returns and once they are processed, we will send out a packet of information.

  29. How much does each child have to pay for the team costs?

  30. My son wants to go but he’s from N.Ireland, can he still go?

    • John, Yes. In fact, we had a girl from N. Ireland on the Haiti team this summer. You would need to provide round-trip transportation to/from Orlando, in addition to the team costs.

  31. Do you need to know how to swim for this?

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