Indian Boot Camp

United StatesStunning views of mountains, mesas and valleys surround the first Teen Missions Native American Boot Camp, located in Window Rock, Arizona, capital of the Navajo Nation. Spanning over 27,000 square miles in New Mexico, Arizona and Utah, the Navajo Nation is, by itself, larger than 10 of the 50 states in America! 


Teen (Ages 13-19)

Travel: Team members can begin their journey on a Teen Missions bus in Merritt Island, Florida or anywhere along our route through Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas and New Mexico to the Boot Camp site.

Ministry: This special team of Former Team Members (FTMs) will be a part of history as they help train local teens from various tribes across the reservation area. You begin by setting up the Big Top tent for classes and rallies, setting up tent sites and preparing construction class sites. Once Boot Camp begins, you will help by teaching music, puppet and drama classes, and judging the Obstacle Course (O.C.). Remember, we will also need a Miss Piggy and Mr. O.C.! After Commissioning you will be involved with projects at the camp, preparing for 2017. NOTE: This team is limited to Former Team Members (FTMs) of TEEN teams only!

Adventure: You will have the opportunity to go to the Grand Canyon and shop for souvenirs including world-famous Navajo turquoise jewelry and pottery. A visit to the Navajo Nation Museum and Window Rock Veterans memorial is also planned, where you will learn about the secret missions of the brave Navajo code talkers in World War II. Once finished, your team will return to Florida for Debrief.  


Dates: June 14 – August 13

Estimated Project Expense: $3090 U.S. plus $30 Registration Fee


(Note: Teams are filled on a first come, first served basis.) Return to 2016 Mission Trips List



  1. I’m thinking about going on this trip next summer. I am a FTM and I was wondering if you are now doing this trip every year.

  2. Hi, I’m Jack and I’m signed up for this team, but I haven’t received any mail from TMI recently, and I’m concerned that you might have the wrong mailing address. Could we try to resolve this issue via email?

  3. Hi Beth, we are trying to coordinate schedules. Can you tell me the date and where you would pick up Wynter in Alabama along the way to New Mexico?

  4. Hello, I’m a youth pastor on the Navajo Nation, I just heard about the Indian boot camp from my friend Timothy Gon. One of my teens is extremely excited about it. How soon will you be allowing Native teens to register for the training at the boot camp?

  5. Hi Beth, we are interested in the route, since we live in Alabama. How do we find out that information?

  6. boot camp is such an amazing time of spiritual renewal, why won’t we participate, also during our one day in Florida will we be staying in tents or will we be staying in the dorms?

    • Rachel, There is not time for you to go through Boot Camp and get out to AZ in order to get ready for their Boot Camp. That is why we require you to have good evaluations. You will be in dorms in FL.

  7. Hello! My son Jude is a FTM, he was with pre-teen Forest Angels last summer. He would like to sign up for Navajo Nation Boot Camp – is there something that we need to do to know if he qualifies based on his team leader evaluations?
    Thank you!

  8. I have been to the TMI camps in Zambia and did 5 mission trips to the Navajo nation. The Navajo nation is the closest place in the U.S. to resemble the people, poverty and the land of Zambia. Great place to train for South Africa!

  9. How many spots are left for guys?

  10. Who are the leaders of this team?

  11. Blake Allen Wegele

    If I can’t raise support for a different team can I be transferred to this team? or do they always transfer to the Indiana team.

  12. I will be age 17 by the time this trip begins, but I do not know if I am recommended by my leaders because of my age. So, how do I know weather I am able to go on this trip or not?

    • Hannah, Put it down as your first choice and then we will check your recommendations. Your evaluations would have nothing to do with your age.

  13. What day will we be returning home? Once we get to TMI do we have to be there until all the other teams return? How long is debrief?

  14. Hi,
    I live in New Mexico, could I skip going to Florida for orientation and just drive to Vanderwagon, on the day TMI will arrive?

  15. Is there a form that must be filled out before registering to get former leader approval?

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