The Philippines Team Is Loving It!

Philippines 7:6#2Wow, hello again already! It feels like it was just yesterday that we sent in our last team report, let alone half a week ago. I guess time really does fly when your having fun, and it also helps when your too busy with your schedule that you forget to worry about time. 

Since we had finished our section of the concrete road, we decided to take a little different approach to our project. We now split up into two groups and one group still works on the road maintenance while the other group paints inside the main building. It’s always a blessing when there is overcast so the sun isn’t quite as hot. This is why they call it the “tropics”. We painted the inside of the main building a light green and we are working on repainted a border at the bottom of the wall as well as touch up the window sills. They have been learning to work when their body is sore and tired. 

Saturday we were able to join the staff and students for a day at the beach. We had a lot of fun on Independence Day and ate some watermelon and American fashioned cupcakes. The water was fun and it was a great day. We enjoyed the rest of the day getting personal things done along with working on our verses. 

Sunday was another great experience. We were welcomed with an upbeat church service and a loving group of brothers and sisters in Christ. We then went to the mall for lunch. They had the option of Pizza Hut, McDonalds, or Jollibee’s. Afterwards, we reconnected with the church from that day to help with their Sunday children’s ministry. We split up in two groups and traveled a short distance to our locations. We taught songs, played games, and taught a Bible story. It was really cool to see the look of the kids faces as we explained David and Goliath. The tall American boys really do look like Goliath to most of the Filipinos. It’s rewarding when the translator asks the children questions about the story afterwards and they can answer them all. We then were able to hand out snacks and drinks followed by pictures. It was a tremendous blessing and both groups had a blast. We all met back at the church and had some soda and snacks ourselves and then we parted our ways. 

God has been so good to us, and continues to reveal new things to our team members. One of my favorite times of the day is when we share after our personal devotion time. I get to hear and learn from what they have been learning in their time with God. We continue to pray that our letters would get here, as we have checked several times, and as of July 6th, nothing has been in our PO box. We know the Lord has a timing and plan with this situation but we ask that you join us to pray that the mail would come for encouragement for our team.

We look to the goal of finishing our time in the Philippines strong and that we give everything we have for the glory of Christ. It’s hard to think that in a matter of 12 short days, we will start our journey back to the States. But we have to be hush hush around the team members as it’s hard for them to hear that because they are enjoying their time here.

“It’s beautiful here! The people and students here as so nice and friendly. They’re like my second my family. I don’t want to leave this country.” – Abigail Tajonera

“Hey family and friends! It has been a wonderful time here in the Philippines. I love serving the kids, laying concrete and taking showers. See you guys soon.” – Sammy Cruz

” I am enjoying the Philippines very much. It is very nice here and so are the people. We have been working hard. Hello everyone who is reading this.” – Daniel Chicas

” After arriving in the Philippines. It has been such a blessing to see the different culture. The people here are so incredibly friendly and welcoming. I am excited for all the things to come!” – Katie Alashari

“The Philippines is incredibly beautiful as are the people! We’re working hard and God has blessed us with an awesome base to stay at. I feel like I’m learning a lot and I am so excited to be able to constantly admire God’s creation.” – Candace Penny

“From the billions of chickens to the dozens of smiling children racing after our team, being here has been such a joy. The scenery is absolutely breathtaking. God’s creation literally leaves me in awe. His people are so kind and have an unhindered passion for Him. Each day I become more and more grateful and I don’t want this journey to end.” – Bekah Singh

“The Philippines is amazing. I love everything about it; the food, the view, and the people. Two weeks have already gone by and I have learned so much. I am making the most of every opportunity and situation I encounter because I know that this is all temporary, and I am right where God wants me to be.” – Madison Anderson

Philippines 7:6#1



  1. So glad to hear that you have found a second family Abigail! Your Filipino grandfather would be very proud. We are thrilled you are such a blessing to our Filipino brother and sisters. Your reports are so encouraging to us. We pray your letters come soon!

  2. So happy to read the updates! I feel terrible that nobody is getting mail. I know we have mailed many from USA and Japan. ( at least 15) It only takes 4 days from Japan. So maybe everything is setting in the wrong PO box. 🙁 Maybe someone can check if PO box number is messed up. I hope and pray everyone gets their mail soon!
    It sounds like everyone is working hard, blessing others and being blessed! I can’t wait to hear the stories first hand and hear of this magnificent mission adventure! We are praying for your team and all the mission teams. (((((hugs))))) from Minnesota!

  3. Jared Anderson

    Great news! Thanks for the updates! Hope you get your letters soon!!

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