The St. Lucia Team Has Been Busy

image1 image3Praise be to God for His many blessings! This week has been full of events and has ended too quickly. On Thursday the team was able to do a special show for little kids in a preschool. They thoroughly enjoyed the puppets and coloring books that were passed out.
On the 4th of July the team did a wonderful presentation on the middle of the village square near the beach which included dramas, puppets, songs and testimonies. Monday the 6th the team was able to get some serious “sightseeing” in as they hiked the Piton mountains. The hike was about two hours up and two hours back over volcanic terrain accompanied by beautiful scenery of the island. 
On the work sight the team has almost finished the trenches for the foundation and hope to actually get them done this week. They started cutting rebar and bending the pieces to be able to start steel tying for the footers and columns. Much progress is being made and we hope to see more improvement not only on the worksite but also in the lives of the team.

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