The Trinidad Team Is Trying To Conquer The Slough!

TrinidadPTThe Slough on the Obstacle Course has been taken its toll. Most of the kids come through it staying dry, but some not. Neena, Jared, Diego and a few more have had to change their socks during morning classes to keep their feet dry. We have been having each team member with wet boots take their boots off and apply some Gold Bond often so they can dry feet. Thankfully we have a nurse for a head lady leader who has been involved with Teen Missions for over 30 years. The two other lady leaders have been on a couple teams each. One is a Bible School student here at Teen Missions and one is from New York. Ben, the other male leader is a Bible School student at Teen Missions as well, and I returned to full-time staff at Teen Missions in November, 2014 

Fourth of July we combined with the teen Boot Camp Rally. They were kind of overwhelmed by the 300 plus people in the other Big Top, but yelled their cheers and sang just like the teens.

Sophia likes the rallies at night because it’s a time that we can settle down and take a break for the day. Last night was a pretty big thunderstorm though, and some of the kids were a little unnerved. It calmed down after a while and gave us a cool night’s sleep.

Stuart likes going over Mt Sinai on the Obstacle Course.  Abby loves the the whole thing. Michael loves swinging over the Slough.

Marissa really likes the singing that we do at Boot Camp and Caleb T. enjoys the song “Dig a Hole “. Morgan thought the digging and Blocking were here favorite classes. When it comes to food, Lauren was happy with the chili watermelon were especially good (those are here favorite things to eat).

At our Boot Camp Olympics Diego said that the duffel bag race and “flush the duck” was the best. Over all at Boot Camp, Timothy said that he really looks forward to sleeping at night.

I’ll keep getting info form each team member to let you know what they think of it all.

We as leaders are already getting some details ready for travel next week.  The team got really excited last night as we realized that this coming Sunday night next week we will be in Trinidad. It all happens so quickly. Together our team is great. There are no trouble makers and all of them want to do well.  boot Camp is pretty tough even for teens, and your kids are real troopers. A couple have been home sick. We have consoled and prayed with Neylan and Yaa.

This week it will all be coming together. On Friday we will be helping to take down Boot Camp, and then beginning to pack out for travel. Pray for us as we work through all the details


  1. Gloria Cordova

    Praise God for all these young people going out and preaching the gospel. May God bless them all and use them all to the fullest. We love n miss you Diego. Mom & Dad.

  2. Is Dawn the head lady leader? I didn’t know she was a nurse too! Represent!! <3

    I love you Jared and am glad you are keeping your feet dry!!

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