A Report From The Kilimanjaro Team

21 KilimanjaroCWe’re down to our last four days of Boot Camp! That means just two days of training left, and then two days of taking down Boot amp and packing out. We have so much to do in that short time. But we know that God is faithful and that He continues to use each circumstance we face to prepare us for our work this summer and to shape us into the people He wants us to be. 

We’ve begun using backpacking bags around Boot Camp. They are second-hand, having been used by many backpacking teams here at Boot Camp. But we are grateful for this opportunity to prepare for our trip. We look a little silly when it rains and we put our ponchos over our backpacks… sort of like we’re wearing giant purple tents.


Boot Camp classes have now become routine. We’re used to the schedule, and it shapes each day. That means little things that change the schedule can become very noticeable and cause for great celebration. For example, running Noah’s Ark in the morning instead of the regular Obstacle Course was great fun. It kept us dry (no one in the slough!) and still gave us lots of time for breakfast. Serving KP again was also enjoyable. At breakfast, Landon, Victor, Alex, Kenzie, Enoch, and Ryan actually didn’t come to KP, and instead sat on top of walls, helping lift preteens over during the preteen Obstacle Course. Another little treat was Beth baking cinnamon rolls for the team. We had to wait a long time to eat them because of our busy schedule with KP, but they were so worth the wait!

Saturday evening and Sunday were big departures from our regular routine. On Saturday, after rally, we got fresh watermelon and hot popcorn, and then we watched the classic TMI film “Mud, Sweat, and Cheers”. It meant a late night, but it was fun. On Sunday, all the teams trekked out to our church service held at the lake, with the speaker preaching from a boat, just like Jesus did many times. In the afternoon, all of the teams here competed in Olympics. Each team member represented our team in different events. It was fun to watch the events and cheer each other on. One of the events was called “Pig Trough”. Nana, Charis, JennaFaye, Owen, and Rachel had to drink up juice from a wooden trough using a straw. Use your imagination to fill in what events like Peanut 500, Bandana Toss, Duffel Relay, and Flush the Duck looked like. 
Definitely the highlight of the whole weekend was Alligator Pizza and 500-Gallon Milkshake night. We ate pizza and drank strawberry milkshake until we were more than full. But that milkshake just tasted so good….
We also rejoice with Hannah, whose younger brother is now here at Boot Camp on a Preteen team. She’s been able to go and see him after lunch several times, and his team always waves and greets our team when we pass by each other. 
We’ve had some very stormy weather lately, with severe lightning and thunder on Sunday night, and more rain than most of us would like to endure while living in tents. Particularly Ana and Savannah, and Jake and Caleb have suffered with leaking tents. You can pray that our tents would stay dry, even if there is more rain!
We would also love your prayers for good health. Several of us have sore, scratchy throats and runny noses. We want to leave for Tanzania in good health.
Above all, we ask that you continue to pray that God would be glorified in our lives and through our activities here at Boot Camp and in Tanzania. We know God has great things planned for us and we trust him in all circumstances. 

Boot Camp has been an adventure for me, both physically and spiritually. I can feel the Holy Spirit here. God has shown me a lot about myself and I want to fight the battle for his kingdom! 
My experience at Boot Camp has been life changing. I have been reminded of the verse Habbakuk 3:9, “The sovereign Lord is my strength.” Here at Boot Camp I have for sure realized that I need to rely more on God’s strength to get through all the spiritual warfare we face.

Here at the Lord’s Boot Camp you can see God working in people’s lives plain as day. I am constantly being touched by God through the testimonies shared by people. We are getting to know each other more as a team and we are all growing in God. This is the most fun I have ever had in my life, and if given the choice I would do it again in a heartbeat.
~Forever growing in God, Victor


  1. Thanks for the udate on your mission training, Victor. We all at FBC are so glad for what God is doing in your life. Keep trusting in Him and have a great time with your team in Tanzania!

    In our wonderful Savior,

    Alan White

  2. Wonderful to hear thank you for the update and for the opportunity for Victor to see how mighty Jesus is and how great his Love for his people is.

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