Another Update From The Bangladesh Team!

Bangladesh7:2#1Good morning from Bangladesh!

Just as soon as we get up and finish our devotion time with the Lord, we start sweating here. It is very humid and you only need to be
sitting down or tying your boots to start sweating. But God has been giving us the strength to make it, and when the power is on the fans
make a huge difference.

On a more positive note the rain has been held off during our work time which has lifted everyone’s spirit. The path where we have been
taking the dirt that we have been digging has been staying nice and dry because it has not been raining while we have been working and the dirt has been just that dirt. When we work in the rain it turns to mud and then it really becomes a problem. Today there are seven boys from the Home of Hope that are here to help us with our digging project. The work is long hard and tiring but we are still going and the extra help has been a blessing and a lot of fun for our team to get to work with them.

We have also begun sorting two rooms full of clothes at the Home of Hope. A church from the USA sends cargo containers full of clothes and other things to the Home of Hope and our team has been able to help the staff here sort the clothes into boys and girls sections and then start separating them by size. We are also helping the staff do be able to understand what is girls clothes and what is boys clothes as
well as how to understand the sizes. It has been fun for our team to be able to help with this project.

Our 4th of July was filled with fun, stories, work, homesickness and cake! We worked in the morning and in the afternoon we shared stories about 4th of July family traditions. We shared about things that we are thankful for both about here in Bangladesh and about at home. After some games, popcorn and a lot of laughing, we had dinner and Emily, Magnolia and Brady had made an amazing cake that looked like a flag! We missed you, all our families and friends on that fun day but we had a great time together and although it was different than any other 4th of July we have ever had it was special and we will all remember the things we did.

Josh F – God has been teaching me a lot of things here in the wonderful and beautiful country of Bangladesh. He has been teaching patience during work time and also at the Orphanage while I am waiting in the line to play “Four Square. He has also been teaching me to be grateful for food because some people have no food.

Hannah B – This trip is not what I was expecting. But getting to see the children praise Jesus is so humbling and amazing – seeing them is the BEST part of the day. All of their joyful faces make even the worst day a good day. I thank everyone for their prayers.”

Abby N – Since coming to Bangladesh I’ve realized what a blessing living in America is, especially for a woman. Because of the culture here, women and men are not supposed to have a lot of interaction, women are not allowed to do the same things that men do and women have to adhere to a certain dress style. However, because of all the restrictions here I have had to rely on God more to get through everything. My favorite part throughout the day is going to the orphanage and hearing God through the voices and songs of the orphans at Home of Hope.

Ryan W – God has taught me so much while I’ve been here in Bangladesh and also my time at Boot Camp! He has taught me to lean on Him and His strength instead of my own. Before I came here, I knew who He was but didn’t have a relationship with Him like I have now, which is continuing to grow. My time at Boot Camp and here on the field has changed me so much and I am so happy I decided to come.”

Brady F – My Teen Missions experience (so far) has grown me closer to God, and made me a stronger Christian. Boot Camp can be tough sometimes with the Obstacle Course, homesickness and other things; however it really prepared me for the field. Being in a poor country halfway across the world made me realize the blessings and comforts that I have back home. Whether I am out working or I am at the orphanage playing with/teaching the kids, God is always growing in me and helping me.

Ashly K – I love going to church here. It is amazing to hear people praying, preaching and singing in a different language. Just to hear the way they love God and how proud they are to worship Him. They were singing a song in Bengali that we knew in English, so we started singing it. It gave me chills when I really thought about it, we were all worshiping the same awesome God, just in different languages. I also realized, we (meaning Americans) get caught up in a schedule at church for how we worship God. We have to do it this way. We have to done by this time. We don’t have to worship God in a certain way, at a certain time. God made Himself available to us to spend His time on our own things. Why not give the time back to Him.

Thank you for your continued prayer for us. Every day we are growing closer to the One Who made us and loves us. Every night one of the team members shares either about their personal testimony or about something that they have learned since coming on the trip. It’s a
great time of fellowship and it’s an easy time to see how God has been working through your prayers. Keep up the good work!

God bless,
Team Hope


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  1. I am so grateful to hear what God is doing through these young people.
    God bless all of you wonderful people sacrificing your summer and being obedient to the Father
    Bonnie D

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