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Peru 7:7***Our construction project is going well and we have our third wall framed up today and the flooring is nearly covered. The last wall, Lord willing, will go up tomorrow and prayerfully we hope to begin the roof this week. All of our team members have worked very hard and are very proud to see the progress. 
The day of evangelism at the public school went very well. There was over 1000 people in attendance for the teacher appreciation ceremony. We happen to be set to do our presentation at the end of the ceremony where at that point there was still at least 400 people in attendance. The kids did great up on stage. The children climbed onto the stage to get close and listen to the singing and watch the puppet show. One of our boys gave his testimony on how he had a rough life and his father ended up in jail but how God took care of him and has filled that void. The time of fellowship was beautiful afterwards and we stayed for another hour and a half and played with the children. There was no alter call so we don’t know if there were any decisions for Christ. But one man came and shared he was a believer and let us know how grateful he was that we came and shared at his school. The principal was delighted with the opportunity to have us at her school and told us anytime we are available to come again. We are very excited to know we are welcomed and such a grand opportunity to love on and share Christ with these children.
We have had beautiful sunsets here and so many of our team have mentioned how vibrant the sky is here – especially when we get to stand on the roof overlooking the neighbors and gazing at the horizon, it is beautiful here. 
We also had a fabulous time as a team as we walked around the corner and paid to go swimming at the local hotel. This is the first time the kids had ever been there and it was very eventful. 
The youth are enjoying playing soccer with the nationals and memorizing Scriptures with national missionary kids. 
We are looking forward to going to the orphanage on Friday afternoon for the first time. Apparently, it is only eight blocks away and we can walk there. They’re 81 children that live there at this time. We will see how the project goes but the public school also offered for us to come back and spend time and share at the school anytime. So depending on the project, we might spend the whole day away.
Thank you for your prayers. We know they make a difference. The team is doing very well and such growth has happened that I know they’ll feel like different people by the time they get home. 
Rory March – We have been very busy since we arrived in Peru. We received our wood four days into our trip and begin work from there. We laid a foundation out of mahogany for the second story floor and laid the floorboards. We have begun to put up walls. We’d have gone to the market, the pool, and the school. We performed our presentation at the church. God has really worked in me this summer. He has taught me that life isn’t all about if you have a nice house or an awesome car. The people here have shown me that you don’t have to have all that to have a great life.
Adin Frey – Yesterday we got to visit the school. We did our presentation in front of the whole school. Going into it I thought it was more like a class of 20 but soon I found out that it was the whole school of like 1000 some students. I was pretty nervous. I was a puppeteer in midway through the puppet show my forearm cramped up and I tried to switch hands. My puppet ended up looking dead for like 10 seconds. Then we got to play soccer with the kids. It was very cool experience

Angel Guevara – Today we went to a school here in Peru where we were planning on doing a presentation. First we watched and listened to the presentations by the children because it was their teacher day. We got to do songs, puppets and a testimony which I interpreted the testimony. I messed up a couple times but it turned out okay. Afterwards we got to play with the kids for about an hour.  Another fun thing for me is the services at the church. This past Sunday our leader Rob got asked to speak. He spoke on the second coming of Christ and how we need to be prepared. I got to interpret for that also. God is doing great things and I am glad to be a part of his work here in Peru through Teen Missions international.
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  1. Thank you thank you thank you for such a beautiful report!!! God is good 🙂

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