The Northern Ireland Team Has Been Busy!

25 N IrelandCIt’s been an eventful three days here at the Lord’s Boot Camp! On Sunday we held the Boot Camp Olympics. The team participated in some crazy events that afternoon! There was the duffel race, the pig trough, the peanut race, the longest waterline, flush the duck, turtle race, marshmallow mash, the wheelbarrow race, boot toss, bandana ball toss, and longest shoelace. Following the Olympics was the pizza and 500 gallon (strawberry) milkshake night. Both were delicious and the kids loved it! They were KP so actually got to help create the milkshake. We had a huge storm that night during rally.  It was some crazy thunder and lightning but precautions were taken to keep everyone safe and we finished up our day with a great challenge to serve the Lord with our whole heart…amidst all the lights going out! Monday and Tuesday found us back in our routine of classes and this week we started personal evangelism. This will be very helpful for when we get to Northern Ireland and begin sharing our testimonies and witnessing with the people there. 

Words from your kids:

Kayla M – So far this experience has been so amazing.  I’ve learned so much.  I’m learning more discipline, like waking up earlier and having devotions every morning. My team is so great. We are bonding in so many funny ways, like just when standing outside the bathroom and laughing and funny stories.  Thanks, Mom and Dad for giving me this opportunity and thanks to all my financial supporters and prayer partners.

Jodi W – Since I’ve been at Boot Camp, God has done amazing things in my life!  Surrendering my life and putting Him number one in my life is the biggest part. I have the most amazing team ever! Everyone is as a family, standing up for each other, and I have a lot of support when I feel lonely or just simply not having the best day. This camp has really taught me to really depend on the Lord for strength!

Praising God for your bringing your children to our team!  Thankful, too, for a fantastic assistant, Haley, who is pouring her all into this adventure.

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