A Nepal Team Update

26 NepalCThe End is Close, and The Beginning is Closer

With Boot Camp close to ending, the team is well seasoned by the mosquito’s and heat of Boot Camp. We are more than ready to fly off to Nepal and discover what God has in store for us! Every day the team draws closer as they fly through every challenge they face.

On Sunday, Teen Missions held their Super Sunday that includes the TMI Olympics, a Galilean church service out on the water, and pizza and milkshakes for dinner. Jahson guzzled down several strawberry milkshakes, a cold drink can be an amazing thing! The Olympics was held in the afternoon and contained several competitions varying from traditional wheelbarrow races too the longest shoe-lace competition. Danny won the bandana toss by throwing several balled up bandanas over 100ft!

Monday marked the beginning of the final week of Boot Camp and several new classes. Carolyn, Dylan, and Katherine enjoyed making their puppets come to life as we learned how to share the good news with puppets. Isaac and Sarah were put to the test in trusses class, where their new speed square talent was judged. They all did great! On Tuesday we received the infamous pig award. The entire team was drawn even closer as they cleaned the bathrooms with smiles on their faces. Our team is full of some of the most hard working and encouraging people at Boot Camp! (though I may be biased 😉 )

The Obstacle Course is still hard for some but the team sticks together. They wait for the entire team to catch up after several obstacles in order to stick together. Truman, Alex, and George have been an excellent help on top of the wall as they guide the team over its 12-foot face. Several team members fall in the Slough, but they all carry on with happy hearts as they are greeted with encouragement on the other side.

We are all excited to get to the field in only a few days! We can’t wait to tell you about our time at Mendies Haven in the country of Nepal!

“Boot Camp is a ton of fun! The OC is a great team building experience, and we have such a great team. The other day we had alligator pizza, which was one of the coolest things I’ve ever eaten. I can’t wait to go to Nepal!” ––Jack Chitty

“I have fallen in the Slough every day at BC ever since the last time I came on a Teen Missions trip. This has always been incredibly discouraging for me but God has been working on me and showing me how to have joy despite falling every day.” ––Emma Armstrong

“Boot Camp is hot but its not too bad. We have a great team! I can’t wait to go to Nepal.” ––Danny Hillman

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