Four More Days!

27 SKoreaC“FOUR MORE DAYS!!!” was chanted throughout the Big Top tonight at Rally as the South Korea team celebrated our upcoming departure from the humidity and mosquitos of Boot Camp.  The team continues to have great attitudes at they complete their training here at Boot Camp.  Advanced Evangelism classes started on Monday and the team is practicing the tools they are learning on each other in the class.  The ESL classes continues to go well and the team is eager to use their creative ideas to teach English to the students in South Korea.  
Today the team had the opportunity to enjoy the pool because they won the “Cleanliness Award.”  Everyone was excited to wash off the dirt and grim in the coolness of the chlorine water.  The only disappointment was that our assistant leader, Cassidy, was unable to join us in the pool because she was cooking our lunch today, an amazing pot of macaroni and cheese that she cooked over the fire!  But this disappointment dissipated this evening when our team won the “Godliness Award” for an act of kindness that a team member did at Boot Camp earlier in the day.  The “Godliness Award” means that our team will have the opportunity to swim in the pool again tomorrow, and Cassidy will be able to join us!

Thank you for all of your prayers.  We are beginning to grow closer together as a team and attitudes remain high.  Please pray for us as we prepare to leave Boot Camp and travel to South Korea.  These can be some of the most hectic days.  Pray for safety as we travel and divine meetings throughout the trip where the team members will have the opportunity to share about their trip and Christ with others we meet along the way.

Finally, here are some reflections from team members:

“I signed up for Boot Camp in December, and for months I counted down the days and daydreamed about what it would be like.  I was wrong.   I got here and began to wonder if I’d vastly misinterpreted God’s will.  Everything was rush! rush! rush!  I didn’t even feel like there was a free moment to process the change.  But now I have to say that it’s been one of the most amazing learning experiences of my life and I’ve been blown away with how God has helped me endure.  South Korea here I come!” – Blythe Warwas

“At Boot Camp I’m recognizing how important consistent prayer is for Christians.  At home I forget how much I need to communicate with God, but here at Boot Camp the difficult conditions have made me realize how weak I am.  I need God for every single moment of every day.” – Sarah Alvis

“When I got here in Florida and stepped outside my first words were, ‘Ah!  It’s too humid!’  Since then I just keep complaining more and more about things when I didn’t even care as much as I was acting about it.  I guess you could say God really put it on my heart now to stop complaining about the minor things and just not worry about it.” – Ryan Tathinen

“When I first got here I was really never racked and it was a scary experience.  This hot-sweaty-mosquito filled camp was able to teach me two important lessons.  It taught me to open up by being in the TMI community I’ve felt really accepted and I’m glad God allowed me to come here.  It also taught me the feeling of team unity and its power, my team is one of the only groups that I would do anything for.  We’re a really close team. Finally, through Paul Veit and my leaders, I found home and purpose in Jesus Christ who is now my Lord and Savior.”  – Spencer Beynon

“I came into Boot Camp knowing it wasn’t going to be the nicest.  I honestly have not had a really hard time.  Yes, I haven’t been happy about not having showers and ice water but the tents and the weather isn’t hard.  What I have struggled with is bing with people all the time.  I have learned how God will give you peace and rest when you need it most.  No matter how sick I am of people God has always been there to give me strength for the rest of the day.” – Clara Peterson

“At first, I came to Boot Camp not knowing what to expect.  If anything, I though it would be easier than it sounded, but once I came here I realized how wrong I was.  Boot Camp has been hard, and I’ve had bad days, but throughout those times I found myself relying more heavily on my faith and God than I ever had.  He made my days brighter, and I grew close to those who helped me through the hardships.  This experience is turning out to be so much more than I expected, and I know I’ll come him eat the end of the summer a changed person.” – Lynette Lavinge

“Hello, my name is Megan Chatsinchai.  I am on the 2015 South Korea team.  When I arrived at Boot Camp I was very tired.  But I adjusted quickly to the time difference.  Waking up the next morning was very hard and was running the OC (Obstacle Course) later on that day.   After three days I got used to the schedule and it worked out well for me.  Running the OC every single morning gets easier every time.  So far I have loved this new experience.  Going to South Korea will be very fun for me.” – Megan Chatsinchai



  1. Pete & Dory Jones

    Just now discovering these posts. Thanks for the details and the work that goes into this camp! We’re very excited for the team though we miss our daughter, Sabrina, greatly. Praying for the Lord to use this time mightily in the lives of the team, the staff and the Korean children.

    Pete & Dory Jones

  2. Kit Chatsinchai

    You smile a lot in video and pictures. Glad you have a lot of fun.
    Make friends and serve God!

  3. Roger and Susan Bohot

    Beth, Wow! I did not even know about the Facebook site. And to think I have been missing out all this time. I will be devouring that today. Thanks!!! Happy Momma Susan

  4. Roger and Susan Bohot

    I am having trouble finding pictures of the South Korea Team. I see lots of pictures of other teams and links to videos of the OC for other teams. I am not very computer/tech savy. Can anyone direct me to where pictures/ video of South Korea is located on the website? Thanks! We are praying for everyone on the team! Has anyone heard from their child yet with any information you are willing to share? Have any parents been able to attend any of the evening services? Susan Bohot

    • Dear Roger and Susan, Team pictures are being taken today and will be posted. All the teams were videoed on the Slough the first day. The photographer is doing her best to get around to all teams, but we also have Preteens here and she also has a team and is making team tee-shirts. She is one busy lady!

      • Roger and Susan Bohot

        Beth, I certainly understand and I am blown away with what an awesome job the staff and leaders are doing. You guys are amazing!!! I know you are working very hard and I do appreciate everything you are doing to make Boot Camp happen. Have the videos of the slough been posted yet and where is the link to it? I promise I have looked several times and clicked on everything I know to click on. Thanks, Susan

  5. Grandpa & Grandma Marge

    Hi Megan, have fun & God bless.

  6. Grandpa & Grandma Marge

    Hi Megan,

    We’re so glad your such a good time at boot camp. We love the pictures of you & the gang! We hope & pray that your trip goes well for you and that you’re able accomplish your golds.

    Love ya!

  7. Casey Schneider

    Hi Megan,

    We’re very excited for you and will keep you in our prayers.
    Enjoy, God has great plans for you.

    Casey, Kristin, Teddy, and Hannah Schneider

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