Hello From Beautiful Malawi!

Malawi 7:1-#5Every morning as the team wakes up they are greeted with at least 50 children shouting their names through the fence. We feel like we are celebrities! The team has been hard at work and can feel your prayers from across the ocean. The well is 90% finished and we can’t praise the Lord enough for what HE has done. The hand pump is on the well and we are pumping out fresh water. On Monday we will be pouring the cement foundation around the pump to help with water flow. The village is so excited to have water. However, in the midst of us being excited we know that the work is not finished. This is a completely Muslim village and within one mile there are four different Mosques. Teen Missions Sunday School is the only Christian presence in the village. This is the muslim month of Ramadan and all the Muslims in the area don’t eat throughout the day. Then in the evenings they have huge parties. We can hear them in the nearby villages at night going on. We can feel the enemy at work but we also can SEE the LORD at work. The last couple of mornings Chloe told me she has been woken up at 4:30 AM by the Mosques call to prayer. I asked her what she did if she could not go back to sleep and she told me that she prays for them and prays that God would reach this whole area. The power of prayer can change a whole village.

On Saturday we took the team into Mangochi town for some cold sodas and ice cream. Yep, they had ice cream in Africa! While we were in town the girls got to get some traditional Malawi skirts. The guys on the team also got some for their moms and sisters. After we were done with shopping I took them through an open market. The team got to experience an African market with fish drying, mountains of spices, fresh veggies, hand made baskets, and goats being butchered. It was a cool chance for the team to see what it is like for Malawians to go shopping but also for some of the missionaries living in Africa.

So what is the next step for our adventure in Malawi? Well, the Teen Missions Base in Mangochi has been asking for a deeper well to help get water during the really dry season. So starting Tuesday we will be drilling them a deeper well for the Bible School here. We also will be helping with some construction projects around the base. Next week we are, Lord willing, going to be able to visit Liwonde National Game Park. The team should be able to see some great wildlife up close and experience the African bush.

It’s hard to believe that in two weeks the team will be heading to Lilongwe to begin their journey home. Please pray that God would continue to work in the teams’ hearts. While this trip is to bring the Gospel to Malawi, it’s also to minister to the hearts of the team members. As they grow deeper in their walks with the Lord and focus on putting HIM first in their lives, we ask that you as parents and friends stand with us in prayer for them. God is doing amazing things in their lives and we as leaders want to see more of this before they return home.

“Being in Malawi has been amazing. The people at the base are so nice and fun to talk to. I really enjoy going into the village and talking to the people there. It is really awesome that the well we drilled is going to bring clean water to the people. Being so far away from home has brought me closer to God.” -Alethia Daughtery



  1. The Kennedy Family

    We also are praying for the wells and for God to come into those Muslim villages and change the hearts of those who do not know Him as their Savior. Great work all of you and praying for strength as you finish your mission trip there! Blessings and the love of the Lord to one and all.

  2. Heather Andreasen

    We are standing in prayer with you for the team members to draw incredibly close to our God!!! Great job on the first well! We will be praying for the next well drilling deeper to be successful but even more so for the refreshing water of Jesus to be drenching the villagers! We are proud of all of you! God bless! Thanks for the updates!

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