Hello From The Holy Land Team!

18 HolyLandCHello from the Holy Land team!  We are more than halfway through Boot Camp, and are starting to get excited about Commissioning on Saturday.  This week we continued learning construction skills in our classes.  We also experienced what an African Sunday School is like, and were given a tour of the life-sized replica of the Old Testament Tabernacle in special classes.  On Sunday, we attended a “Galilean” service for church, which means that we sat outside on the shore of a lake here on property and the speaker preached from a boat on the lake.  We also competed in the Boot Camp Olympics, which included events like a duffle bag relay, the longest boot lace rope, and a bandana ball toss.  The final event was the Marshmallow Mash.  Each team had two mates participate.  The team members each wore a hard hat with four marshmallows attached.  They crawled on all fours and tried to get the marshmallows off the other people’s hard hats.  It was as fun and crazy as it sounds!!!!!  
On Monday, we went back to our regular class schedule.  We have won the Clean Award three times, and are really enjoying the pool!!  All of your wonderful children are doing quite well.  We are so blessed to have them with us.  We are bonding as a team and growing in grace, and are getting excited to be flying out of here in less than a week!!!!

Jacqueline- Boot Camp has been getting better and better!!!! My team is fantastic and I have loved getting to know them more. This week we really have been learning to trust each other and work together. 

Micah- Boot Camp is very interesting to say the least. This past week has been good. The Lord is definitely stretching me in a good way. Boot Camp is rough but I am glad I came. 

Klystia- Hey everybody! Boot Camp has been a lot of fun! My favorite thing so far has been drama class. I have loved getting to know my team! I can’t wait to get to Israel!

Josh- Boot Camp is really an amazing place. Every year I come here I learn something new. This year I’ve been working on my patience. God works in many ways.

Kaitlyn- Well Boot Camp is almost over and what I’ve learned is I can do more than I thought a lot! God has been really speaking to me. I can’t wait to get to the Holy Land and make a difference for the world. 


  1. Klystia we are so excited that you are getting to use your drama talents for the Lord at the Lord’s Boot Camp. Keeping you and your team in our prayers. Very impressed with this team’s success on keeping their camp site neat and winning time in the pool!
    Love to all,
    Grandma Tama

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