The Honduras Team Is Excelling In Their Training

19 HondurasCTeam Honduras is alive and well!  Our first four days at the Lord’s Boot Camp have gone very well.  The Lord has proven faithful in sustaining us through all the many events and classes we do each day.  The team is sleeping better and adapting well to all the new rules here at training.  
The weather has been dry the last two days and the nights delighfully cool.  With practice, the mornings are getting easier and we even arrive at Rapture Report a few minutes early.  Everybody is in good health and adapting well to the warm, humid weather.  The team is excelling in their evangelism (EV) classes.  Puppets, music & drama are exciting and effective methods of taking the Gospel to the nations and draw large crowds in other nations.  We are excited to take what we learn to Honduras.  In puppets they are learning good puppet posture and lip sinking.  They are also getting excited about the choreography that will go along with the puppets.  In drama class they have almost finished learning two different dramas and will start a third tomorrow (Thursday).  In music class the team is putting together several songs and they sound amazing!  In our Brainstorming class, the team is learning to work together and respect each other as they share ideas.  
They are hoping to win Brainstorming so we can swim in the “cement pond.”  We alternate bathing and laundry every other day.  As we do laundry often, the team keeps the laundry pile from growing to large to manage.  You should all be proud of your teen as they are doing well in keeping their own clothes clean.  The alternate days we bathe with the lake water.  The brave ones even catch fish in their buckets.  This morning the team put the Books of the Bible together very efficiently and avoided an extra lap around Mt. Sinai and bravely faced the Slough in order to get across quickly.  They even got 15 team members over the Wall!  We are on day four of our Scripture verses and the team is working hard to keep up to date and to hide God’s word in their hearts.  It’s wonderfully amazing to see through the scripture verses and the evening Rally’s how tender their hearts are toward the Lord.  Paul Veit is our wonderful evening Rally speaker.  He is known as the Dino Pastor and even brought artifacts for us to see.  Team Honduras thanks you for your many prayers and we strive to give God all the glory for His many blessings.

We will give all our team members a chance to give testimonies about what’s happening in their lives this summer.  Today, Bekah, Ryan, Mikayla, Joshua, Alex and Anastasia.

Bekah:  Boot Camp shows you how to leave worries and struggles behind and focus on the Word of God.  We learn that we don’t need social media, cell phones or TV to get through the day.  All we need is the Lord.  God uses His Word and our leaders as encouragement to survive Boot Camp.

Ryan:  I have been learning a lot at Boot Camp.  To pay more attention and to pray more.  

Mikayla:  I dedicated myself fully to God the other day.  This is not to say that I didn’t serve Him before but that I never felt like He had my all yet.  Boot Camp has taught me so much already and I feel like these next 6-7 weeks will be a time where I can grow closer to God and serve Him in ways I never thought possible before.  

Joshua:  I have had a wonderfully challenging time since I arrived at Boot Camp.  Even though I have known that giving your all to Christ can have a huge impact on your life, Boot Camp has really brought that truth to life.  I have been inspired by the many stories and testimonies that people have shared and I pray that with the help of the Holy Spirit, I will learn to trust the Lord even more.

Alex: God has been teaching me patience through Boot Camp.  Waking up early is definitley not my thing and we wake up pretty early.  I really love my team and we are learning more and more about God every day.  I miss my family but my team is already my second family.

Anastasia: So far God has been teaching me many things.  Among them is self discipline in many areas such as following rules, keeping up with the team even when I’m tired and staying focused in class.  Learning to work as a team is also hard but very rewarding and I believe we are doing well.  Lastly is selfishness.  I am doing my best to not complain and obey God and my leaders.

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