The Time Is Flying By For The Guatemala Team!

16 GuatemalaCTime is really flying by now.  It is amazing that a group of 26 teens from around the U.S. who didn’t know each just over a week ago, are now close friends.  They have heard inspiring and very challenging teachings about really being followers of Jesus Christ.  They truly enjoy being together in evening rallies with the rest of Boot Camp to worship Jesus—Very fun and encouraging to see.
On Sunday we enjoyed a “church service” with the worship leader and speaker being on a makeshift raft while we lined the shoreline.  We had KP that day as well as Team Olympics.  The team members competed very well.  Ethan did a fantastic job with a race in which he got on all fours, had a wheel barrow put on him upside down so he looked like a turtle.  He won the race.
We also enjoyed strawberry milkshakes and giant pizzas cooked here.  That was  a fun meal and great day.
Each day at the end of lunch time every team has “brainstorming.”  Each evening, a winning entry is selected.  Last night, our team won.  What is so great about that you may ask?  Well, it gives us the rare opportunity to have one hour of pool time today (Tuesday).  To say the least, our team is VERY excited.
The leaders of the Guatemala team have been especially encouraged how the team so enthusiastically puts their hearts into Music Class, Drama, and puppets.  They have also done great in carpentry, learning to build trusses, and block laying.  Our block laying instructor joined our team at 6:15 this morning to run the Obstacle Course with us.  The team sure enjoyed that.
We have “enjoyed” some pretty spectacular storms the last few days.  That cools things off nice, but the rain must wake up the mosquitoes and keeps it challenging to get laundry to draw on the clothes lines.
In talking with some of the team members, it is exciting to hear from them some of the things the Lord is showing them.  
Grace spoke about how much she appreciates leaders of others teams that she does not really know, but she is touched how much they care about her when the talk with her when she interacts with them and the end of evening rallies.
When asked what really stands out to him, Daniel said the memory verses and the devotions time have really meant a lot to him.  He says that he has really learned a lot through both.
Robert talked about how much “Widder’s” message this morning really was exactly what he needed to hear.  It really encouraged him in things he is dealing with in his life.
Joanna actually had a hard time nailing it down to just a few things that have really blessed her.  In the last couple of days, the messages from several of the speakers has challenged her greatly in her walk with Jesus.
Once again, I must say what a blessing and honor it is to be the leader of this Guatemala Orphanage Team.  Their heart for the Lord and one another is inspiring.  We, of course, still have our challenges is trying to get a group of 30 organized and operating and moving around as a team.  They have done a great job winning the Obstacle Course once, the Godliness Award once and the Brainstorming award once.  Our next (impossible without God) step is the win the Cleanliness Award.  We have “won” the “Piggy Award” twice (which means we each wear a sign the says, “I live like a Pig” the next day and “get” to clear the bathrooms.  Even in that, the team members maintain good attitudes.


  1. Thanks for these great updates!!
    Guatemala Parents —
    #1 – If you’re going to send mail to Guatemala, be sure to check with your posts office (or Google) first. My post office told me the address was formatted wrong.
    #2 – I visited boot camp last night. It was such a joy to meet all of the team members!! Everyone looks great!

      1. Thanks for chiming in, Beth! I’m glad there were no issues with this address last year!!
        Teresa – I didn’t share the format, because after research, I’m still not 100% certain of the proper format. Since they received mail with this address last year, I’d go with that. One piece of advice I would share – write out “Central America” (because CA is read as California in the US).
        I didn’t mean to cause concern. It was just that the postal worker at my local office wouldn’t even receive my letter as it was addressed.
        Teresa – Is Nick your son? I met him Tuesday – wonderful young man! He is the team’s “runner”, meaning they have him run to the kitchen to find out when and where to line up each meal time. He seems to be doing very well!

  2. so great reading this update!! I’ve just been watching the facebook page and didn’t realize updates were here before they leave for Guatemala!! So looking forward to visiting this weekend for the commissioning.
    amy davis(Riley’s mom)

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