A Cambodia Team Update

Cambodia 7:9-1We hope our update will bless your day. Thank you for the prayers and concern! 

It rained Tuesday for the first time and it rained all last night. It’s made it very humid and air seems to stick to you. We praise the Lord for the ministry taking place here in Kampong Chhanang. Wednesday the team rode 50K and evangelized to one of the largest crowds yet. The children were very involved in singing the songs and playing games. They especially loved the balloons. Around 60 raised their hands when altar call was given! We pray for these young lives, that Christ would be real to their hearts.

On base the team has continued work on the OC for Boot Camp and in the rice field. Please pray we all stay hydrated and that our water filter will continue working! Classes also continue to go well. They are continuing to grow in their passion for the Lord, and it’s amazing to see how they seek out God’s will in their life. Only one week left here! It’s hard to believe how quickly our time will come to an end. May we continue to take joy in the opportunity to minister to these wonderful people!

“Cambodia is pretty much exactly as I was expecting. We’ve learned a bunch of Khmer to help us get to know the kids. Every day we go out and someone has a child on their shoulders. It’s a wonderful feeling to be able to look at the children and know that they’ve been offered hope in the Lord!” – Reilly GordonCambodia 7:9-2


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