A Report From The Indiana Team

23 Malawi IndianaCTeam Indiana continues to grow closer to the Lord and to each other! Two nights ago we experienced a pretty intense thunderstorm and the team came together to pray for a fellow team member who did not do too well with the storm. Praise the LORD! The team has a great heart for the Lord! We were disqualified on the Obstacle Course today and our Special Blessing (Consequence) was to clean carpet in the chapel and to prepare the graphics for team shirts! The team has expressed their excitement for our trip to Indiana and all that God is going to be doing there. We served our last Kitchen Patrol yesterday, they enjoyed being able to serve others and have something new to do…. They did not however enjoy the time crunch that placed on us and our eating. (We had about 5-8 minutes to eat and clean our dishes!) Today was also the last day of the OC for which everyone was pretty excited for! 

Boot Camp this year has been filled with struggles and miracles. Though I maybe unable to keep up my hope at times, I’m glad my leaders are their to bring me back up again. -Alana Wiggins
When I came here I was already saved, but I wasn’t fully surrendered to Jesus. The Dino Pastor had opened my eyes to the fact that I needed to be in the war against the sin, versus outside of it. I’m beginning to like Boot Camp! Shock of all shocks! – Carolyn Gregoire

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