An Update From Switzerland

Switzerland 7:2#4Work is going well. We continue to scrape and sand the “Nanny House”. Lots of painting of over 20 large shutters and starting the second coat on the upper level of the house. There was much replacing of wood and beams and that has slowed our progress. We will put the second coat of paint on the shutters today, weather permitting. The only Evangelism that has been done is handing out tracts when we were in Thun for shopping last Saturday.
On Tuesday night, the weather brought us a surprise – thunderstorms! We got some rain (not too much) and a few things got wet. The best part is that it has cooled down considerably and we are all thankful for that.
We are calling the thunderstorms our outstanding experience since our last report. A few actually slept through it, but not most. Some of the lightening was quite bright and seemed very close and some of the thunder quite loud. As mentioned, we didn’t really get too much in the way of rain and the best part of all is cooler, much more comfortable temperatures.
We pray we can finish the painting before we leave. Saturday coming up we will be going to the Neiderhorn and going up to the top. I think we are all looking forward to the view from up there. Also we are hoping for some more souvenirs to purchase up there.
Here are four more testimonies from team members (count off numbers 2, 4, 6, and 8 this time)::
Elijah Best writes:  “During this mission trip, I have come to learn about putting my trust in the Lord for all my needs, and the responsibility to living up and fulfilling every day tasks. This mission trip has truly changed who I am in many aspects and I thank the Lord for it every day.”
Johana Martinez writes:  “We have been having hot weather this week. It’s amazing to see how much of a blessing the YWAM is here, and how God is using us to be part of that blessing. God continues to fill my heart with His strength and peace, and I am so thankful for that!”
Malachi Loos writes:  “I am thankful for our team. We have learned to get along and accomplish more than we could alone.”
Anya Valkema writes:  “So, Switzerland can’t decide if it wants to be hot or cold. One day it is hot and the next quite chilly…Anyways even though pangs of homesickness sweep over me occasionally, I have gotten over it through prayer and daily devotions. God is good.” [leader’s note: the big change in weather took place overnight Tuesday, July 7 into Wednesday, July 8. It has been much more pleasant since then.]

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