An Update From The Forest Angels Team

usa_reportThursday is our last day of training! Today we are on our third day of training with the minibikes. Ellis, Jude, Ben, Ally, Austin, Nathan, Jayden, Isaac and Rosalyn are doing awesome on the bikes. At the beginning of the training Drew and Thai really were struggling driving the bikes but this morning they did awesome like everyone else. 

In the afternoons we have different types of classes and two days ago we had the Bush Sunday school; it is a example of our ministry in the villages overseas with the MSSM. They listened to Bible stories, colored a picture and played a game. Jordyn especially loved it.
Yesterday we did Noak’s Ark Obstacle Course and the kids loved it. Noah’s Ark is a game where they find different wooden animals and match them up by only making the sound of it. When they were all done, they had to rehide the animals and Austin put the alligator in a tree, they had fun. 
This morning was our last day to run the O.C. and Roslyn led the team and Ben stayed in the back to encourage people. They did great, the whole team made it over the Wall.
The whole team has been working on their memory verses and Nick is really good. Everyone has been healthy and staying hydrated. We as leaders thank you parents allowing us to lead your kids on this team, We are very excited to see what God has planed for this team.

Here are some testimonies:

Riding the bikes are cool. I’m learning every day.  Drew K.

My team is driving minibikes and doing evangelism. I have been improving on the minibikes greatly with God’s help. Nick M.

God has had a big impact on my life personally and have gotten stronger with the Lord. I have prayed so many times to make it  over the Slough and God has answered. On the minibikes I have learned how to control them.  Jordyn M.

Hi Mom and Dad, I’m doing well. I have been learning a lot. The minibikes are pretty slow. It has been great for me at night, it’s cool. Oh if you’re reading this, for my care package can you send lots of Kodiac water. Ellias K.

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