Another Report From Malawi I

Malawi 7:9****Wow, how can we be down to a week and half left for the team to be in Malawi? The time is flying by! Most people know Malawi as the “Warm Heart of Africa”, and yes that is a true statement. The people are friendly and very welcoming. There are also many people that would call Malawi a Christian Nation, and there are many Christians in Malawi with many good Bible churches. However, there are places throughout Malawi that have strong chains of Islam. The team experienced that first hand being in the heart of Islam in Malawi.

Today was a very special day as we dedicated the well to Jesus Christ! Hundreds of children and adults came to taste the water for the first time. There were shouts of excitement as the team pumped clean water from the well! We told the village that this well was made possible through Jesus Christ and that HE is our living water. Even as we were sharing. off in the distance you could hear the chants of the Muslims in the Mosque. We truly drilled in a village that needs the love of Christ in a huge way. Teen Missions will continue having Sunday School in the village. It is our hope and prayer that this well will open up many hearts to the saving grace of Jesus Christ.

These past couple of days while we waited for the concrete on the village well to finish drying, we drilled a deeper well for the Teen Missions Base in Mangochi which has a Bible School. The base was very thankful for the deeper well. They were also so thankful to be able to work alongside the team members while they drilled the well. Since not all the team members could be at the well they helped with different projects around the base. The last couple of days the team has gotten to spend a lot of time with the children that call out their names at 5:30AM. Tonight we shared a traditional Malawian meal with the base staff. We had Nsima, beans, cabbage, greens and goat meat. The team loved the food and the goat meat was a huge hit! Tomorrow we will be packing out and heading for the Teen Missions Base in Chipoka.

It’s hard to believe the team only has a little over a week left in Malawi. On Saturday we will hopefully be going out to souvenir shop, swim and relax on the beach. However, since it is winter here they might opt out of the swimming. Sunday of course we will be going to a different church. Then Monday morning we will head out for Liwonde National Park! Hopefully the team will get to see many different types of animals. But like I tell each team every year it is not a zoo, we can’t just drive to the section with elephants. Please keeps us in prayer as we will be doing a lot of traveling this weekend and into Monday and Tuesday. I will most likely send only a small report Sunday night but then send a longer one on Tuesday evening when we return from our Safari Adventure!

“Malawi, the Warm Heart of Africa. They don’t call it that for no reason because the children and people here get to your heart every time you see them. Even though they chase your truck and try to jump on the back with you. Just a friendly wave or smile means so much to them. I love the time I’ve had in Malawi and would love to come back.” -Noah Rudash

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  1. So excited for the living water you were able to bring to all those beautiful people. Praying for safety in all your travels.

  2. Love it! Thank you for this wonderful update! God bless and keep the Malawi team. Praise God for what you’re doing in His name.

  3. Leslie and Loren Wiens

    Thank you for all the news! We are rejoicing with you for all the progress on the wells and the special closeness with the children and people. I love the yelling of the names at 5:30 A.M. The reports are very well written and interesting. I love the pictures and smiling faces of our team. We miss you, Leanna, and are at Mount Hermon this week and celebrated Luke’s birthday! Hi from Grandpa and Grandma also. God bless, prayers continuing…Love, Mom and Dad

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