Greetings From Team Hope In Bangladesh!

Bangladesh 7:8#2Greetings again from beautiful Bangladesh, 
We continue to grow more in love with the students here and the kids at Home of Hope as we visit, play games and learn the language and the culture with them. God is good to us and we have had an amazing experience here. We know our time is running short and soon we will be on a plane heading back to Florida but until then we press on in the work that the Lord has for us here. 
We continue the hard work of digging for the parking lot here on the campus. The last few days we have had the help of six boys from the Home of Hope. The first day they came, not really knowing what to expect. Our team had a great time working with the boys and our relationships have grown with them through the heard work. When the six boys showed up the second day they had all brought baseball helmets to match us wearing our heard hats! Now every day they come they bring their baseball helmets and help our team carry the dirt and dig. 
The team has been having a blast this week at the orphanage because they have given us a time in the afternoon to do our presentation. We have sang songs with them and performed puppets for them and Jeshua and Samuel presented the story of the Wordless Bracelets to over 70 of the kids. Today we plan on making balloons for the kids and we know that will make for an exciting afternoon. 
We want to share our weekend with you so that you will be praying for us and everything that’s going to happen. We have some great opportunities coming up and we are really excited. Friday we will be going to church at the Home of Hope and we are excited to worship the Lord with them. On Saturday we are going to be involved in a Youth crusade at Home of Hope, it will be all day. We are excited to be invited and help out any way that we can. On Sunday We will be going into town to do some shopping and hopefully get to see “Old Dhaka” the oldest part of the capital city. Please keep us in your prayers as we have a busy weekend ahead of us. 
God bless you all, 
Team Hope!    
Bangladesh 7:8#1

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