Haiti Is Ready To Go!

17 HaitiCWe had a great weekend with all of the festivities. The kids especially liked the watermelon on Saturday night. Things are going well, everyone is happy that we only run the Obstacle Course one more time. We can now say that every team member has made it over the Wall at some point during Boot Camp. It’s a blessing to see how excited everyone gets when they see a teammate go over for the first time. 

We had to serve a team special blessing yesterday, which means an hour of work time instead of free time. They worked with Richard taking down one of the tents that is no longer needed for classes. It became a time of bonding as they worked with Richard on a project, giving them time to work with their leader on a personal basis. Richard enjoyed working with them as well and said they did an excellent job. 
We had a pretty severe thunderstorm the other night.There was quite a light show with the lightening and the rain came down in buckets. One of the girls said she was so scared but was not going to be the only one crying because of lightening and thunder so she prayed and  put her head in her pillow and went to sleep. We hope not to see any more storms like that one again.
Everyone is healthy, a couple slight dehydrations, but Gatorade fixes them up quickly. 
We continue to look forward to our time on the field. Saturday is fast approaching and excitement rises as we get closer to Commissioning. We look forward to getting to know our team members better and working with them one on one. 
Once again I would like to share some personal testimonies from team members:
Mary – Hey, I’m here at Boot Camp and everything is great. The first few days were rough as expected but now it’s a blast.
Sebastian – Ny experience at Boot Camp has been hard but very good. All of the hardships help one keep his eyes on God rather than worrying  about little things. I’m enjoying Boot Camp very much.
Naomi H. – Hi everyone! Boot Camp has been great so far. It’s hard to believe it’s almost over all ready. I am really excited to get to Haiti an find out how God will use us this summer. Thank you for all your prayer and support as we embark on the incredible journey. 
Kassie – I  have been having a great time here in Florida! As an FTM, Boot Camp isn’t as hard as it was the first year. God has been teaching me some amazing things, such as, leadership, listening skills, and patience. My team as a whole is wonderful and I am so excited to find our what God  has in store for for me . GO HAITI SQUAD
Seth – I love Boot Camp. I also love the food. 
Tori – Boot Camp has been going well. The team is bonding well. I am looking forward to seeing what God continues to do this summer.
Averi – Boot Camp is hard but I have met so many amazing people and it is fun in the weirdest way!
Tavia – When I arrived at Boot Camp I was sweaty and gross, but I was excited to see what was waiting ahead. I am glad Boot Camp is almost over! I can’t wait to get tot he field!


  1. Prayers to the Haiti Team … have all covered in prayer … tell Averi her Gran says she loves her 🙂

  2. Thank you so much for the update!! And so good to hear from the kids as well!

  3. Love to Sebastian! Hope everything gets easier. Letters on the way.

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