The Ireland PT Team Has Been Busy!

Ireland TripBoot Camp is keeping the Ireland Preteens busy. We ran the Obstacle Course for the last time this morning. Some were sad and others were glad not to have to run it again. Most of our team members have made it over the 12-foot wall. The Slough of Despond (a rope swing over water) was mastered by most or at least they weren’t getting as wet! We were blessed with the “Pig” award last Sunday and had to clean the bathrooms by the Care Station and the leader bathrooms. Tuesday and Wednesday we won the “clean” award and had to swim in the pool during our free time— a real hardship! We also won Brainstorming. The topic was “Boots”. They made up an obstacle course using a large boot. The boot laces were to be used to climb up to the top of the boot, with several obstacles inside and ending up coming out the toe. What imaginations!

Sunday was a busy day with a “Galilean” service at one of our lakes. The afternoon was filled with the Olympics, Teen Missions-style. The kids had fun with the different events—longest boot lace (six boot laces tied together), bandanna toss, flush the duck (filing a barrel with water so the rubber ducks float out) and a duffle bag race, to name a few. This is the first time Preteens have participated in the Olympics. To top the day off, we had pizza and milkshake for dinner. 

This afternoon we are finishing up our laundry in preparation for leaving soon. We pray for dry weather so everything will dry and be easier to pack. We will also do a practice weigh in to see how much our stuff weighs and if we need to leave some things behind. Tomorrow our team goes through the Teen Missions display room and does a Tabernacle tour. We also get to do a different Obstacle Course in the morning—World Map (a giant jigsaw map of the world that we get to put together. The countries are made out of pieces of plywood.)

And now a word from our team members:

Hannah Bennett: This summer I have made so many quality friends! This is such a blessing for me. My friends have impacted my life in such incredible ways. God has worked through my life.

Ensley Brogan: Even though I am an FTMer and I’m with different people, my experience has been great so far. My team is cooperative and obedient. I have made a lot of friends and have had a chance to talk to EVERBODY. . .  (on my team). I am glad to be here!!!


  1. So thankful for the faithful leadership of Bob and Paula again this year. Praying for you both as you continue to serve our family.

  2. Thank you sooooo much for the update! This was just what I wanted to hear from Hannah!! We’ve been so curious how she’s doing! Thank you! Hoping to see you all on the Rally video tonight! We are missing Hannah like crazy! We are praying for you all so very much, so very often!

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