The Philippines Team Continues To Work Hard!

Philippines 7:6#2Greetings!

We have been busy at work since Monday. Since we finished our section of the road, we took on the goal of painting the inside of the main building as well as dig a very long trench. The trench we dug averaged three feet deep and a foot wide. My best guess for length would be close to 100 yards. There were a few interesting layers that we had to dig through, but they continued to work hard and we finished the trench. Since then we focused all of our work force to the painting job. We have been painting the window sills a dark brown. We also repainted the inside a light green with a brown border around the edge. We repainted the columns the same theme and as our base coordinator, Fernando, would say, “It looks like a new building.” We will finish the last of the painting tomorrow and then start to organize the school supplies for the children’s ministry we will working with next week. 

We have been practicing our dramas and puppets in preparation for the church service on Sunday as well as the EV opportunities we will have at the children’s ministry. 

They continue to grow spiritually and it’s a blessing to see them mature in their walk with Christ. Our theme that seemed to reoccur through our day in devotions, Bible marking and team devotions was the importance of our walk with God. We got to see the power of love through Scripture and the impact it has in our lives. 



  1. This is so awesome to read these updates and see the Lord at work with the Team! It is always exciting to see progress and accomplishments with projects! Praying for you all many times throughout the day!

  2. I’m so happy to see this post/picture- and our daughter is in it! We have not received any letters yet so, out of curiousity I checked the Teen Missions website and saw this post. Wish I had thought of that earlier! Sounds like hard, rewarding, fruitful labor in the Lord so far. Keep up the good work team Philippines! God bless you all!

  3. Jonetta Anderson

    So happy that everything is going well.:) Was wondering if you guys had received any mail yet? Our family is praying for your team daily! <3

  4. So excited to read all the wonderful updates and hear about all the Hreat things being accomplished there. Praying for y’all everyday.

  5. Praise the Lord! So happy to hear of all the accomplishments! I am sure the team gets excited to see their hard work completed ! It will bless many for years to come! Praying for you all many, many times a day!

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