The Training Is Almost Over For The Uganda Team!

Uganda 7:9Boot Camp is almost over! Thursday is our last day of training classes and our team is eager to be done so we can be on our way to Uganda. The next few days will be full of preparing to travel as we take down our tent site and pack our duffels. The team has been growing spiritually through daily devotions, Bible classes with guest speakers and through worship and evening rally.
The team is bonding well and every day they grow closer as friends. They have been learning to work together as we spend every minute of every day with each other. They were extremely encouraged to get 16 over the Wall this morning without any mistakes. 
We have had a lot different classes over the past few days including a tour of the Tabernacle and experiencing what a real African Sunday School is like. They have been doing well in Music classes and really enjoy learning how to use puppets. 
We are blessed that everyone is healthy. Please continue to pray for everyone to stay healthy and for safe travels as we fly to Uganda.


  1. This is a reply to Ashton Roots mom. We live in Tyler, TX . Tender Tenbrink asked us to pray for Ashton and her Uganda team when we pray
    for our grandson, Aaron Bohot, and the S. Korean team.

    1. Rodney and Joyce – That is so neat! We have a niece on the SK team too! Abby Roots. We will be praying for your son, Aaron, as well! Small world!! We live in Lindale! – Shannon Roots

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