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image4Today is a very special day. It is Liz’s birthday. She is turning 16 and we are going to surprise the team with a gift from her parents and take the team out to dinner.  We are wrapping up the day of work and will tell them soon to go get cleaned up and take a walk down to the lake where the restaurant is. We’ve been looking forward to this very special day as leadership wanting to surprise them. They deserve a night out for how hard they have been working.
We are are enjoying cooler weather with beautiful skies. The sunrises and sunsets have been breathtaking! With such amazing weather, the team has made great progress on the building! The second story floor is complete, and they have been able to get all four walls up! Yesterday we worked on getting the walls squared off and laying the cement pad to begin building stairs. On Tuesday our sand and gravel mix for the floor was delivered, there were two motor carts full. The team worked diligently together and got both carts unloaded in no time.  
Today was a very important step, we finally began building the trusses for the roof. It’s all coming together! Lord willing the church people are coming Saturday and we will put up the roof together. 
We have an awesome opportunity on Friday to go to a local orphanage and share our presentation with the children there. We plan on handing out coloring books that share Jesus’ word in Spanish and English. The Lord is continuing to provide us with opportunities to share His Word and we are all so very thankful and excited to do his work!
Claire Speer wrote: We’ve gotten the opportunity to play with and evangelize to kids a few times. We also have made a lot of progress on our work project. The walls of the second floor are framed and we’ve started the stairs. Some of our teammates have become close with the teens that attend the church or live on the property. A few Peruvians have helped us work and shared different national foods with us. Today they served us their ceviche (this was amazing chopped fish in lemon juice and milk) over red onions and sweet potatoes and yuca. They also served us calmari over lettuce and toasted corn nuts.
Rory March wrote: We have been very busy since we arrived in Peru. We received our wood four days into our trip and begin work from there. We laid a foundation out of mahogany for the second story floor and laid the floorboards. We have begun to put up walls. We’d have gone to the market, the pool, and the school. We performed our presentation at the church. God has really worked in me this summer. He has taught me that life isn’t all about if you have a nice house or an awesome car. The people here have shown me that you don’t have to have all that to have a great life. 
James Kuhlman reported: I have been enjoying my stay here in Peru very much so far. We have been able to make immense progress on our project despite the difficulties. The source of most of our challenges have come from the mahogany wood we’ve been using. However it is also a blessing because it makes a very sturdy and good quality house. Another aspect I have been enjoying very much is the Peruvian culture. I was blessed to be able to celebrate my 18th birthday here. At first I was a little sad that I wouldn’t be with my family and friends from home, but it turned out to be a great time. Last weeks Sunday night service (The night before my birthday) I was surprised when the pastor’s wife, Miss Judy, called me up front after everyone sang happy birthday to me in both English and Spanish. She had ever everyone come up and one by one everyone in the whole church gave me a birthday hug. Afterwards when we were all sitting down she brought in a homemade cake and multiple Peruvian desserts, popcorn and soda was all donated by the members of the church family. All these things were brought in celebration of my birthday. It was amazing that Gods people that have so little to be so generous. It turned out to be one of my best birthdays ever.
We’re looking forward to sharing what new things God is going to do here in Peru. Thank you for your prayers.
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  1. LOVE the pictures of the team and their progress on the Sunday School building! The pictures of the building look great! It is also great to hear they have visited a school, an orphanage, the market and a pool, and are also getting a big taste of Peruvian culture. I feel these teens are so blessed to have this experience – especially to see that people who have so little in the way of “material things” can be happy and generous with what they have – illustrated so well by James birthday party. May God continue to bless this mission trip with good health, safety, building success, fellowship, learning, and love. God bless all of you!

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