Guatemala Orphanage

GuatemalaThousands of orphans in Guatemala are unsure of when their next meal will be, where they will sleep, or if they’ll be warm and dry. Imagine if that was you.  


Teen Missions Trip (ages 13-19)

Travel: After completing training at the Lord’s Boot Camp, you bus to the Orlando International Airport and board a flight to Miami. From Miami you cross the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea to Guatemala City where a one-hour bus ride will take you to your project site.

Ministry: Your project is to continue construction on a dormitory for an orphanage, enabling them to rescue and house more children currently living on the streets. Have fun presenting the Gospel in churches and helping in Sunday schools. Play with the children who live in the orphanage and develop your relationship with them each day. Enjoy opportunities to sit down with the children to teach them more English, while you learn basic conversational Spanish. Spend your weekends playing in a local park and presenting the Gospel in a nearby neighborhood of children who desperately need the love of Jesus. 

Adventure: You will have the opportunity to visit Antigua, an old and beautiful city with large and captivating markets. Purchase anything from authentic handmade blankets, hammocks, clothes, wood carvings and scarves to purses, wallets, backpacks, jewelry, candies and much more.

Dates: June 18 – August 13

Estimated Project Expense: $3390 U.S. plus $30 Registration Fee


(Note: Teams are filled on a first come, first served basis.) Return to Mission Trips List



  1. Am i allowed to wear a star wars shirt when i go to teen missions in days

  2. Sad to say I lost my construction DVD. I can pay the 15 dollars. But is there any way to view the video online or could TMI send me another one so I can be better prepared?

    • Haley, Go to our website under “donate now” and pay the $15 fee and indicate that it is for a lost DVD. Once you have done that, then call or email us and we will send you another one.

  3. Kaytlyn Keeler

    Hey, I have set up a instagram account for people going on this trip, so we can get to know each other before we go. The username is guatemalaorphanage2016 and when I get a request I will just send you a message to confirm that you are going, and then I can add you to the group chat. It will be awesome to get to know you, and I cannot wait to spend the summer with you. 🙂

  4. What time will the commissioning be on July 3.

  5. Beth,
    We are trying to arrange flights for two girls from PA. The trip to Florida falls within the window; however the trip home has to be leaving Orlando at either 8:25 AM or after 6 PM. Is the 8:25 time a viable option?


  6. when will we be getting the team information packets, the one were it says who’s on our team

  7. My daughter is going on the trip this year. We are trying to get costs in order, so I has a couple questions. What cash fees are due at arrival? Also, what type of backpack is recommended? Thanks so much.

    • Laura, The cash fees will be listed in the Individual Team Fact Sheet that will be mailed out later this month. There will be a $30 deposit and departure taxes along with any entrance fees. The departure taxes are usually returned at the end of the summer along with some or all of the deposits. She will be issued a backpack for travel to Guatemala. She can bring an old backpack to use at Boot Camp.

  8. My message said pending but I did not get a reply. Is there an opening for one more boy/young man?

    • Cher, Guatemala is closed at this time and there are two on the waiting list.You can sign up for another team and ask for the waiting list for Guatemala.

  9. Checkin on this trip as well for 3 siblings. (16,15,13)

  10. Hi! I’m registered for the team and I’m looking at flights. The one I found is at 9:05, On my purple paper of travel info TMI said flights could be from 9am to 3pm. Will I make it on time for the 9:05? Or is that cutting it too close? Thanks in advance! 🙂

  11. Kristina Kroemer

    Hi, I am looking at this trip for my brother. Are there any spots left for boys? Thank you!

  12. Is this mission closed to leaders? if not How long do you estimate I will have before spots are filled?

  13. Are all the spots taken on this trip for girls?

  14. Are all the spots taken up for this trip?

  15. Is there still room on this team? I’m interested in signing up but wasn’t sure if there was space.

  16. is this team full?

  17. Hey, I am signed up for this trip if anyone is interested I can setup something (maybe instagram) so we can get to know one another. Let me know if there is any interest!

  18. Is this already full? I want to sign up but I saw that it was filling up quickly so I wasn’t sure if I still could or not.

  19. how fast does this team fill up?

  20. I am already signed up for the Guatemala trip and am wondering where in Guatemala I will be going?

  21. what teams will have drama?

  22. Is there only one boot camp this year?

  23. Hello–we are trying to register our daughter for this team. Several years ago our bank stopped allowing its credit cards to be used in conjunction with pay pal. Is there another way I can pay for this? We only have one card we use.
    Thank you
    Karen Baker

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