Malawi Well Drilling

MalawiImagine having to walk miles just to get drinking water each day! Come to Malawi, Africa and bring not only water, but also the living water of Christ to the Malawi people as you work hand in hand with local Malawians to provide a well for a local village.


Teen Missions Trip (ages 13-19)

Travel: After Commissioning you bus to the Orlando International Airport for a flight to Washington D.C. before boarding a flight across the Atlantic Ocean, Mediterranean Sea and the Sahara Desert to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. A connecting flight takes you across the Equator to Lilongwe, the capital of Malawi. It is a two-hour drive from the airport to the Teen Missions in Malawi Bible, Bible, Missionary & Work (BMW) Training Center in Chipoka located on the shores of Lake Malawi. After packing necessary supplies, your team will head to a remote village that does not have access to clean water. 

Ministry: At Boot Camp, your team will be trained on how to operate a drilling rig that you will use to drill the well. While half the team runs the drilling rig, the other half will be doing evangelism with the orphans and children who will come and watch. At night see the skies come to life with star constellations only seen in the southern hemisphere. 

Adventure: At the end of your summer, an overnight Safari trip is planned to Liwonde National Park. Here you may see many of Africa’s amazing wildlife on a game drive through the untouched wilderness. Keep your eyes open for elephants and hippo! You will also have a chance to shop for wood carvings, jewelry and traditional drums.

Dates: June 18 – August 13

Estimated Project Expense: $4890 U.S. plus $30 Registration Fee


(Note: Teams are filled on a first come, first served basis.) Return to Mission Trips List



  1. Do you know when the Team sheets will be mailed out? We are excited to start praying for our members individually.

  2. Just wondering, are there repair parts available for these wells that the locals can use themselves if/when it needs repair in the future?

    • Raina, Most of the time, they can get the repair parts in country. If we have a team or anyone coming over, they can also bring parts from here.

  3. Are there still spots for girls on this team?

  4. Is there still room on this team?

  5. There is now a closed Facebook group for teem members of the Malawi Well Drilling team.

  6. For my pasport application: I was wondering if we have the dates for leaving and coming back to the U.S ?

  7. Are there any more spots for girls on this trip?

  8. my sister wants to know if this team is still open.

  9. Hi my name is Emma and I am signed up to go on this team this summer. I am wondering about transportation to boot camp. I know there used to be a bussing system and I am wondering if this is still an oppertuinty. Could you please get back to me with more information on this topic, thanks.

    • Emma, You should have received a sheet with your initial packet with arrival dates and times. Due to the major increase in insurance costs, we had to stop the bus transportation many years ago.

  10. Hello, It’s me again. I have started raising my support but I have a question. Do I send the coupons with the checks to TMI or do I keep the coupons? Thanks!

    • Lauren, Every check must be accompanied by a coupon. You might want to make more copies if needed.

      • Thanks! I have a couple more questions. On the back of the gold envelopes it says to make sure to fill out the amount and partners on the green financial record. Where do i get one? I never recieved one. It also says to include the computer ID #- what is that and where do I put it?? and if I want to order more letters can i just put the oder form and check in the same envelope that I am sending my checks in? Thanks so much for answering! Merry Christmas!

        • Lauren, You don’t really need a “green” sheet. Just keep track of who has donated and how much. Don’t worry about the computer ID number as we don’t use that any more. Yes, you may order more letters by including the coupon and check with your other checks. Since we are going on Christmas break, you might want to just make your own copies as we won’t be back until Jan. 5.

  11. Is this the final price?

  12. How many people have signed up for this team?

  13. Hi, I was wonderin how many girl spots are left for this team? And also if y’all have any more details for the trip or if what’s posted is all the details for now?

    • Mariah, There is still plenty of room. You can get more information from last year’s copy and from the 2015 Team Reports on our website. We will have a more detailed copy posted soon.

  14. Is this team still open?

  15. Hi, My name is Ethan DeLaughter. I am thinking about going on the missions trip to Malawi, Zimbabwe, or the Kilomanjaro Backpack. Is there anyway I can get more information on those places. And in a previous e-mail I asked if ya’ll had any types of fundraisers to help raise the cost of the trip and I was wondering if ya’ll can tell me what those are and how they work. Thanks.

    • Ethan, We had trips to all three countries this past summer. You can go under 2015 Team Reports to read about them. More information will be coming out later in the fall. We send you prayer cards and letters to help you raise your support. You can also do garage sales, bake sales, car washes, etc. You can be creative in how you raise your support.

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