Prince Edward Island Preteen

canada flagExplore what Islanders call the “Gentle Island”. Prince Edward Island (PEI), Canada, is known for its rugged capes, patchwork farms and picturesque lighthouses. 


Preteen Missions Trip (ages 10-13)

Travel: Your summer begins with mission training at the Lord’s Boot Camp. After you complete Boot Camp, you board a bus and begin the drive through the Eastern Seaboard states of Georgia, the Carolinas, and Virginia to Washington D.C. where you may see the Washington Monument and other patriotic sites as you drive through the city. You push on through several more states to New Brunswick, Canada, before crossing the Confederation Bridge to PEI.

Ministry: This team will navigate part of the 170-mile Confederation Trail across Prince Edward Island. As you bike along the Confederation Trail, you will share in towns and villages along the way and your journey will lead you from one exciting discovery to another. You are sure to have many opportunities to share the Gospel as you go. You may even help with a small work project at a local church and encourage them with a team presentation. Living simply, you will camp in tents and do your laundry in a bucket. 

Adventure:  PEI is a favorite vacation destination for people from around the world. The stories from “Anne of Green Gables” will come alive as you visit historical Green Gables and swim at the beach on the famous North Shore near Cavendish.

Dates: June 22 – July 28

Estimated Project Expense $2890 U.S. plus $30 Registration Fee


(Note: Teams are filled on a first come, first served basis.) Return to 2016 Mission Trips List


    1. Jocelyn, Thank you for your interest in our program. We are not a “discipline type” Boot Camp. We train teens and preteens at Boot Camp to go overseas and serve on Christian missions. If you are interested in your child attending, please register online.

    1. Remi, That information is in your original packet and in your monthly letters. If flying to FL, you arrive between 6AM – 6PM on July 22 and leave on July 28 between 9AM – 3PM. If you are driving to FL, your parents can drop you off on June 22 between 6AM-6PM and IF DRIVING, they can pick you up after 8PM on July 27.

    1. Allison, That information was in your original packet and in your monthly letters. If you are driving to FL, your parents can drop you off on June 22 between 6AM-6PM and IF DRIVING, they can pick you up after 8PM on July 27 and if flying, between 9AM-3PM on July 28.

  1. Hi, my name is Faith and am twelve years old and I’m interested in one of the pre teen trips I’ve never been on a mission trip but I’d love to go spread the gospel in one of these trips. I like the Prince Edward Island one but I just wanted to know how long would it take to get to Prince Edward Island from Florida? And how long would I be at boot camp?

  2. We have a 9 yr old daughter interested in the Prince Edward Island Trip in 2016 when she is 10. She wants to know if she can change her mind after attending Boot Camp? Boot Camp will actually be her first time to be away from home for an extended length of time. Morgan was saved and baptised in 2013 and her Dad is a youth Pastor. She has a heart for missions and really wants to do this. Do you have any recommendations for us? Also, is there a seperate charge for Boot Camp?

    1. Nancy, Please give me a call tomorrow between 8:30-2 PM EST so we can talk! The costs are all inclusive except for your round trip transportation to/from FL, passport costs, spending money, departure taxes if any, etc.

  3. we are interested to join you on mission trips we are 2 with brother, we are all missionary’s we have a heart for mission, send us more information for any mission trips. , any opportunity let us know. you can also send an application as an attachment.
    golden and Robert

    Chipata Youth Outreach

    1. Golden, Are you able to get visas for the US and Canada. You would be responsible for the round trip transportation to/from US along with the project expense.

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